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my sys has a strange problem

By neo ·
hello all
till some days back my system was working fine and the we need to shift our house and at the new house there was no proper earthing(ground) given and i didn't knew it. I plugged in my system and i got slight shock and so i called an electrician and repaired the line.

Now the problem is that whenever i start my system, the system starts for a second and automatically powers off. The motherboard led is still lit. the hard disk,cpu lights for a second and then gets off. the cpu fan and the smps fan also spins for a second and then goes off. the mobo light is still on.

but if i clear teh bios by removing the battery the for 1 time the system boots properly and i can work but if i shut it down and start it again then its the same problem. recently i dismanteled each and every part and found tht is ram is not there the cpu fan spins and the hdd led is also on(every thing works fine ...except for the ram ofcourse)

what to do..plz help...does flashing the bios will work what has happened to my sys..

System Specs : Intel 865 gbf mobo,p4 2.6 HT,512 hynix ram.

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by farshady_pk In reply to my sys has a strange prob ...

Does ur system give beeps when u turn it on or not? as u say the problem is with RAM so change the RAM. Put it in another slot or if u have more than one RAM so check it one by one. Try to insert a fresh RAM into the Slot and then check ur system.

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by BFilmFan In reply to my sys has a strange prob ...

In addition, I would be very suspicious that your power supply has become damaged and turned into, what is known in the business years ago, as "A Linda Blair" or "A Demon Power Supply." It appears sweet and innocent, but it has lost it's ability to regulate voltage and is frying system components.

I'd advise that before you replace the RAM, you replace the power supply. I would also make sure that you have a properly connected electrical ground and functioning neutral.

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by dmiles In reply to my sys has a strange prob ...

Check the power supply for any damage,then try re-seating the memory in different slots to see if
that works

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by Mandanglo78 In reply to my sys has a strange prob ...

Yes I would agree sounds like a power supply issue. I had a problem very similar to the one you are describing. Replaced the power supply and it fixed the problem. The only other thing it could be is a short on the main board but normally it would happen as the board gets warm it would break its connection and turn off. I would replace my power supply first before I did anything else.

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