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Hosted Blogs... interesting. But is it useful?

by kent.georgeson In reply to My Tech Blog

<p>This is a great idea from TechRepublic.  I like it but how useful will it be to the general enterprise audience?  One of the things I like about using Blogs as a tool in an enterprise is that it provides a simple, but effective, means of getting your thoughts and knowledge documented.  Especially when combined with an enterprise search engine, this becomes a powerful move getting organisations out of the traps of capturing information in isolated Word documents.</p>
<p>With a host option how usable will it be from a confidentiality perspective?  Care will need to be taken around the content posted.</p>
<p>Also... where are the spell check and grammar tools?</p>

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Hosted Blogs... interesting. But is it useful?

by octopuseize In reply to Hosted Blogs... interesti ...

Blogs just came in unlike some other online publishing that usually
being paid. Go through a process of editorials. This time everything
you want to broadcast to the public is free and arbitrary. It is maybe
the absolutre freedom we were trying to achieve when it comes to
freedom of speech. Of course posting is based on either professional or
personal judgement. It is also a shame for someone who posts something
smutty.<br />
<br />
Blogs doesn't limit you from doing several and diverse contents or
topics. It can be one way or another. Grammar tools  may or may
not be necessary. Not even a burden not to get through it. People tend
to correct their spelling and grammar themselves before posting one. It
is a good practice though, not to depend on such tools just to correct
us from our typographical mistakes and fragmented sentences. Little
mistakes may be put to consideration as long as the essense of the
topic is in that respect, what it could be.      

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Hosted Blogs... interesting. But is it useful?

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Hosted Blogs... interesti ...

Right now, our blogs are intended for IT pros to share their thoughts,
ideas and solutions with other IT pros. However, we do have some
features in the works that will allow people within the same
organization to collaborate (with blogs and other tools) in a more
"closed" environment (i.e. permission-based access).<br />

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