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my toshiba laptop is frozen!!

By Actressbabe137 ·
I was on AOL that I had just installed (and AIM) but then it said error so it shut down.. and then I went to uninstal AOL and i left-clicked and the thing froze but the mouse was still moving so i hit CTRL ALT DEL and it took 5 minutes for the end page to show up and it said
"Explorer (not responding)"
so I hit End Task and it took 5 minutes to say "Ending" and now the mouse is moving 1 cm every 5 sconds when you try to use it and thee is no simple "Power" button and I cant get it to restart.. and a friend let me use it!!

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by Actressbabe137 In reply to my toshiba laptop is froz ...

*Its Windows 98 not 2000 if that would change your answer... please help me asap she'll be home in 3 hours

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to my toshiba laptop is froz ...

Power button tends to be on the front or sometimes on the back of the PC.
You can switch it off at the plug if you wish.

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by willcomp In reply to my toshiba laptop is froz ...

Power switch on most Toshiba notebooks of Win98 vintage have power switch on left side towards rear under a sliding cover.

Open sliding cover and press switch mementarily to power off.

Power off and power back on.


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by ReWrite In reply to my toshiba laptop is froz ...

I don't know about the newer versions but in the past AOL has been very resource intensive. It can overwhelm alot of systems. Once you have rebooted (see answers 1 & 2) if your system still does not respond correctly then you should remove AOL. If you cannot do this from the normal windows mode then boot into Safe Mode and do an uninstall.

Just remember, it's only a computer{:>.



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