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    My Toshiba Satellite would not boot from CD No matter what I do!


    by denis2eth ·

    The Laptop is Tshiba satellite A105 S2719

    I wanted to do a fresh installation of windows 7 and started the process of booting from CD and installed halfway through the process then after the restart of the system it notified me that it does not support 64 bit windows. My mistake was selecting 64 bit instead of 86 or something. I know my laptop is older and thought 86 is too much and selected 64, not knowing the 64 basically is 32 bit!

    Then I bought Win XP cd and tried to go through the process again. It went fine until restart and after restart, nothing happens. I installed Windows Several times, (mine and others) and I know after the first portion of DOS installation, it restarts and continues. Now Nothing is going on – just a slightly dim screen.

    I changed the boot sequence and make it to boot from CD but no matter what, the system ignores the setting and starts from hard disk. Now even the previous WIn 7 and Win xp partial installations went on only after I try to boot from CD some 100 times. It seems the CD drive is faulty but whn I remove the hard disk and try to boot from CD it successfully boots from CD immediately.

    What can be wrong with my system? I tried several things. even connecting hard drive externally with an adaptor/enclosure. the system tells me that I can not use that drive bla bla. Ok I also tried Flop boot manager. It goes some distance and after detecting the flash drive freezes.

    It has never taken more than few hours to install windows previously but now My system is refusing to boot from CD even if I chaged the bios setting. I am about out of patience as it took me 5 days to figure this out. I read several posts and watched several youtube videos to no avail.

    Then I said why not clone the operating system on the hard drive and fix this thing, I culd nt find an appication that copies only the OS (Operating System) Now it seems that I am out of options. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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      Different HDD

      by k.stehman ·

      In reply to My Toshiba Satellite would not boot from CD No matter what I do!

      Have you tried an different HDD or checked the status of the connection with your current HDD?
      Also have you looked at your BiOS power settings?
      The only other thing I can think of is did you completely remove all of the partitions and create a new one for the new OS install?

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        by k.stehman ·

        In reply to Different HDD

        Some of the Satellites also have specific RAID drivers that are used for the Hard Drive to be acknowledged by the Windows OS this could also be your problem. Probably want to check that first.

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      Try wiping the HDD

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to My Toshiba Satellite would not boot from CD No matter what I do!

      With a utility like Boot & Nuke by Dban

      Or Kill Disc

      Grab the DOS version and boot off that or you can use the Ultimate Boot CD which has at least one of these disc wiping utilities

      If you want to install Xp on a 7 system you have to wipe the HDD first anyway as XP will not run on a 7 Partition. They look the same but are different and this is what I think most of your problem comes from.

      OH By the way all of the above are free to download and use so if you are asked to pay for anything you have clciked on an add not the actual suggested download.


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