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My two cents worth

By Brien_Posey ·
I wrote this article a year ago. As such, many of the arguments presented in the article are out of date. I also want to point out that I wrote the piece because it was assigned to me, not because it was something that I felt strongly about. Personally, I upgraded most of my workstations to Windows XP on the day that it was released. I've found XP to be a great operating system, although it may not always be the best choice in every situation.

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The more I use XP, the more I like XP

by TheChas In reply to My two cents worth

I was sceptical, but purchased my copies of the XP upgrade the first week. (I just couldn't pass on the bundled specials at Office Max.) I did wait a few weeks before installing XP.

Other than lack of support for old hardware, I have found nothing to complain about with XP.

The more I use XP, the better I like it.

For most users, I recommend XP.
However, if the user is restricted to a W9X box at a location, I may advise them to stay with 9X so they won't get lost transitioning betweenthe 2.


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For my computer, XP is too slow.

by Benjamin0 In reply to The more I use XP, the mo ...

I tried it once, and then I had to uninstall it. I'm using Duron 800, 256M SDRAM. It's not strong enough for WinXP, I think.

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Default settings can slow you down

by abrass In reply to For my computer, XP is to ...

Especially the "System Restore" feature, which is enabled by default. The system will be constantly keeping track of everything you do, writing it all to the hard drive. This feature can degrade performance even on a 2GHz machine. So, the culpritin this case is the hard drive and not the processor or memory. Your system configuration was not likely the problem.

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Microsoft History

by MCS-1 In reply to My two cents worth

First, I'm personally still using 2K Pro. I have installed XP on many machines and agree - the kinks are getting ironed out. From what I've seen all along though is that Microsoft releases a new O/S, and relies on the mavericks that choose to run it. They beta-test it (in my opinion) and usually around the 12 month mark there are enough patches and updates that the O/S seems to be stable. XP was a premier release, and not a stop-gap O/S like WinME, so we can expect it to perform like a dream in due time. If and when I'm facing a re-install I will probably go with XP Pro - I've seen enough that I'm happy with it.

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