my usb stick will no longer allow me access!

By mckevitt ·
my usb stick wont allow me to access the files stored onit. I have months of work stored to it but when i go to access the files the computer prompts me with a message saying access denied! how can i fix this please help my assignmet is due in thursday and all my work is on here!!!

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We'd need more information.

by seanferd In reply to my usb stick will no long ...

What is telling you, "Access Denied"? Is it Windows, saying it won't open the drive? (Could be security on your system, could be malware, etc.) Is it software on the USB? Did you lock the files on another computer? If so, you may have to visit that exact computer again to unlock the drive contents. (If so, then leave it unlocked so you can access the drive elsewhere.)

Otherwise - What operating system are you using? What other security software do you have installed? Do you use the drive on multiple computers? Does the drive have its own software, and if so, what exact brand, model, and software version is it?

If there is more to the error message, please post the full text of the message. Have a look in the system Event logs for any further error messages related to this.

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Hardware lock

by smarkie In reply to We'd need more informatio ...

Some of the USB drives have a hardware switch on them. It's really tiny. Make sure it's flipped to the unlocked position. I know it's a pretty intuitive thing to most people but some times the switch is not entirely in the unlocked position.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Hardware lock

that's pretty slick (I have not seen that yet) :) kinda reminds me of the "lock" on the old 2.5 floppies.

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do you have ownership of files and drive?

by Snuffy09 In reply to my usb stick will no long ...

check security settings

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worn out

by SPC_TCOL In reply to my usb stick will no long ...

but you know that Flash has not an unlimited lifespan, it could be as well that yours just broke down for whatever reason.

I see this here at least twice the week that a student loses all this work, because they didn't back up to a normal harddrive.

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try this

by SystemCheck In reply to my usb stick will no long ...

quick get linux take stuff off usb device in linux get new drive

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