My username isn't listed by Documents and settings

By tsolder ·
I am using XP Home on pc #1 and XP Pro on pc #2.
I log in to my #1 pc as Tom. Using Wordpad I create files and save them to My Documents. I can retrieve them from My documents if I log in as Tom.

I have another program that creates data files and saves them. They are saved to Documents and settings/Tom, and they open again later on ok, but I do not direct the program where to save or find the files. By default it refers directly to Documents and settings.

Next, I log in to my #2 pc as Tom and start this program. It creates a data file but saves it to Documents and settings/Joe, even tho I am Tom and am logged in as Tom.
Joe is not a user, but Win XP is registered to Joe.
There is no listing called Tom under Documents and settings even tho I am a user.
There is a listing called Joe under Documents and settings, even tho there is no user account for Joe..

First, how come I have a username as Tom, but am not listed under Documents and settings?
Second, Why would this program save my datafiles to Joe and not me, on #2 pc?

It becomes very difficult to migrate these data files between the two pcs because of this.
Any ideas?

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Quite simply really

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My username isn't listed ...

With the second PC it was setup to use Joe and the User Account has been changed from Joe to Tom so it saves all Documents to Joe.

If you want to have Tom on the second PC you can reload it with Tom as the Default user or perform a Inplace install of XP if you have a M$ Branded Install Disc. Just follow the directions here


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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Quite simply really

you got that one,

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Reponse To Answer

by tsolder In reply to Quite simply really

Hi, Col...
"the User Account has been changed from Joe to Tom so it saves all Documents to Joe." sorta makes sense... in an MS sorta way. I guess next time bill smith buys a product from them they will be kind enough to send his rebates to me!


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