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My view of eCS

By emgub ·
First, thank you Matthew for your review. As you know, there are precious few reviews of eCS, and interest from the press is nil.

Second, emgub 1 & 2 were not the same person. I know because I logged in the same way. One of the very first extensions I added to Firefox was "BugMeNot", which unfortunately is commonly used these days out of necessity. No matter how careful I was with my eMail address, by creating logins for websites, eventually I would start getting junk mail, and that was still when many web sites didn't require a login. Now, it's hard to find a web site where a profile is not required to one degree or another. emgub is the first login that comes up for this website. :-)

I started with IBM's OS/2 2.0, and continue to use eCS through version 2.1. Yes, I'm a dyed in the wool die hard. In fairness to your review Matthew, you were specific in your summation in calling eCS a "business solution for those stuck in legacy land". At no time did you recommend it to end users who were not legacy users. That said, as you can see, there is a lot of passion surrounding eCS, both positive and negative. There is frustration as it's future has become increasingly precarious, and it's user community continues to dwindle.

As to the points that emgub (1) made, in truth it's very difficult to argue them. Wireless is, and has been a sore subject for years now. Frankly, it's embarrasing. Still, one can hope. I know I do. Flash is not terrible, but it's also not without problems. It does fail on some Flash, and it is repeatable, where as the windows version works flawlessly on the same sites. At least we have something useful, where for a long time all we had was a long outdated plug in that would not work at all on most sites. Open Office is not at the current version, but it's not terribly far behind either. On my computer, OOo does have stability issues. It's useable, but it will crash at the worst possible times. There are some users who claim to be all right with it for the most part, and others where it is not. I don't think it was mentioned, but there is also Lotus Smart Suite for OS/2. Yes, it's based on a Windows version that is quite old, 1997 I believe, but it's fast, stable, and useable. The problem is that it can't read, or save to any of the newer file formats. You can however save a document to an older MS Word format, and then it can be imported, but you do lose the original format many times. It's hit and miss. If it's a comlex document, it's more miss than hit. I have also fallen back to OOo 1.2 which has the same file format problem, but was a very stable version. 2.x was problematic at best. It has been stated that Libre Office will not be ported to eCS, which is very disappointing. Among other things, OOo does not have a Lotus Word Pro filter. Odin is not really an alternative for most Win32 code. Outside of it's targeted development, It's very hit and miss even when it works. Yes you can get some things to work with it, but those apps will for the most part be unstable, or commonly will work in part, but not wholly. The reason for this is that it has not been developed as a broad solution for several years now. Instead, it is being narrowly targeted for a few specific applications, mainly Java and I believe Flash as well. To that end, it is a solution, and for some random apps, it will also work, but it is not being developed as a solution for Win32 code accross the board. When it works with something other than it's intended development, in part or whole, than it's a bonus for everyone. I have successfully, though with some flaws, used it on a few things that were written for Windows and otherwise not available for eCS.

For my part, I will not be moving forward with eCS 2.2. The improvements don't deliver what I had hoped for in the next version, and it doesn't justify another purchase for me. I do find myself having to use Windows 7 more frequently than I would like to admit these days where no comparable solutions exist for eCS. It sometimes seems that for every one step forward eCS takes toward catching up, it falls two steps farther behind in a world where technology is not willing to wait. For now, I'll keep using eCS, though I am begining to wonder if it's becoming more of a hobby than a practical OS. :-)

Thanks again for your review.

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Probably intended as a reply to an existing discussion on the subject of 'eCS', whatever that is. Poor little thing, wandering alone in the cyberforest...

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