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My Vision for Microsoftâs Future

By RaymondJM4 ·
Based on the new features of Microsoft???s Hyper-v 3.0 and SCCM 2012 and Remote FX, Microsoft could build an entirely new way to operate and manage applications.

Microsoft has a Home server (Currently Home Server 2011) that could be redesigned to act as a central install point for purchased software that would be licensed as user specific programs. You would install the software on the home server, and then be able to use it on your desktop, laptop, Tablet, and mobile phone as long as all of them had Windows 7 or 8 installed. All data from those programs would be stored on the home server and provided among the various devices that the user uses the program on. They could market Windows Live as a method to access web based versions of purchased programs while away from your personal devices. Microsoft could use their Marketplace portal to allow customers to purchase software from their windows mobile device that would be automatically uploaded to your home server to be used by any of your devices that you begin to use. Microsoft could also market their Cloud computing service as a disaster recovery method to keep your data backed up, and a fault tolerance method to make your contents and programs available when your home server is down. Updates could be downloaded to your home server during the day while you???re at work, then installed on devices while they charge and you???re asleep.

This model could be applied to businesses as well, making it easy to license, easy to recover, and easy to make available all programs while keeping a tight hold on licensing and proprietary software. All of this without making major changes to Microsoft???s own infrastructure to provide the services. This would be a great way for Microsoft to gain back loyalty in their product, as people would look to by Windows based phones, Tablets, and Laptops that would allow them to use mobile versions of their desktop applications at no additional cost. The cost of the programs may increase or be called something like ???User Edition??? or ???Complete Edition??? but it shouldn???t be by much. It would be cool to see family packages were you could setup on the marketplace up to four or five family members in one account. This could be called ???Family Edition??? or ???Complete Family Edition???.

This would also be perfect for OS reinstallations for both homes and businesses because applications would not need to be re-installed, only the operating system. This would cut down the time, not only for home and business users, but for OEMs as well because they would build computers and sell the software options as home server downloads that would be on the home server before the new computer would arrive. Software could still be sold and licensed per device, and installed manually, but I would see a great benefit to both the venders and the end-users to have the home server download, install, and sync, then publish new software to user specific devices.

This would be a great model for schools as well, with a user license recycling program specific to educational institutes, Schools could provide applications and workspaces for each student based on their curriculum, giving students access to applications on their home computing devices while taking a class regardless of their income level. The license would belong to the school and could be revoke from the student and recycled at any time.

Five Microsoft apps the will change IT, by Scott Lowe;roto-fd-feature
Terminal Services Remote App
Remote FX

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