My vista acer laptop was stolen a few weeks ago, can it be tracked updating

By Bearloads ·
I miss my laptop and home pc has a virus that screwed up the OS where it shuts down at will, I am disabled and have no means to get another one, it took me 3 years to save to get this $400 laptop and now that its gone no one will help me to find it, police, microsoft acer, not even a discout coupon for being a victim and an ireplaceable loss of all my pictures from the lat 10 years were uploseded to it, any suggestions, I am disabled and make less tha $15000 and have $500 a month in medical bills and prescriptions PLEASE HELP ME any way possible

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RE: can it be tracked updating

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My vista acer laptop was ...

Unfortunately no it can not.

This is because when any Windows OS goes looking for updates it only looks at what is available for it.

If you read any of the screens they would have told you that No Data that could Identify You was sent to M$ and that is correct. There isn't even any data about the Product Key that your system had that is sent to the M$ Servers. Just the version of the OS you are using and the Patch Level.

All processing is done at the System end after exchanging minimal information from the M$ Servers.

So it's not an option to attempt to track the unit through the M$ Update facility. Unfortunately NB's are the most stolen item on the face of the planet and as such they need to be treated differently to other things. Once it was Cd's that where the most stolen Item but that was now a long time ago. As for NB's they currently are and unless you have something in place prior to their theft there is nothing possible to do to recover them and even if you could it is very unlikely that any of your Data would still be on them or easily and cheaply recoverable. Not many people are willing to spend 46K = to recover data off a dead HDD and it's only the Official Chanel's that will be willing to pay the 1 Million + that can be required to do deep Forensic Recovery and this is only ever done to produce evidence in Criminal Cort Actions. Even then they need to be beyond doubt that they will get proof before they start the Forensic Recovery.

As for your Home PC you need to look at rebuilding the OS from the supplied Recovery media that came with it new.

You should also look at some reasonable cheap Backup Method to guard against Data Loss in the future. Probably the easiest way is to use an External HDD and backup to that as Plain Data but even then you need to take precautions and only run the drive when it is needed to either backup or recover your Data and Always dismount it using the Safely Remove Option under Windows to prevent the Partition Tables being corrupted and your data destroyed.


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If it can update, it never had any passwords ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My vista acer laptop was ...

And if the thief knew this, that is probably why it was stolen.

I do not wish to rub salt in your wounds, but the laptop should have had a Boot Password and a User Password. That way the system would've been a less appealing target for the thief.

As OH Smeg has already said, any tracking software would've had to have been installed prior to the theft and in THAT particular case, you would NOT have placed passwords on it, so that it COULD be tracked as soon as it connected to the internet.

Something like this:

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