My Win7 Home Premium system was hosed by the System Event Log Viewer

By AnsuGisalas ·
It seem the service or log was somehow corrupted, after which the whole system started acting like it had a red-hot iron skewer through its guts. Limited accounts couldn't open, and the administrator account was also at a severe limp. Networking was dead too as well as just about anything I could have used to try and fix things

So, I'm just wondering what can be done, if anything, if this sort of thing happens again, anybody knows?
In this instance I reloaded an image, it worked, but it wasn't very recent.
As to what happened, I'm not sure. I guess the system hung while installing updates, so that might have something to do with it.

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My guess is the update was somehow botched.

My step-daughter has a newish Dell Inspiron notebook with Win7HP. She sort of
"forgets" to let the auto-updates do their thing, so a few weeks ago there was a
whole slew of updates needing to be applied. She tried running all at once, and
somewhere in the mix it crashed the video, wouldn't boot. So, she sent it back
home from college, I worked my "wizardry" on it, got it back to previous state, then
installed one group of updates, per date of release, at a problems!
She's happy, I'm a hero, life is better! I did leave her a note on her "desktop" to
allow auto-updates to install when prompted, not to try and do them all at once
when she's fell behind by a couple of "patch Tuesdays"!
<{;-) help in the unlikely circumstance this reoccurs, I would create a
bootable system CD, enable boot from CD in BIOS while your at it, that
way if an update goes awry, you can boot from CD, roll-back to previous
state, then decide if the update was the culprit or not, and re-download
if necessary.
My step-daughter is now convinced I can "do anything" (her words), so
last weekend when she came home from college, she asked if I could
change the oil and oil filter in her car...yes, I did that as well! She didn't
have cash on hand to pay the "quick change" place, me being so soft-
hearted, couldn't tell her no. <{;-)

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