My Windows 7 images are KSOD-ing (Domain)

By rouschkateer ·
We used an image of several different types of computers (Dell GX270, Dell GX280, etc) With a fresh Windows 7 install to upgrade our entire network.

Use used Ghost to push the images out, one classroom at a time. For about 3 days, everything was fine (mostly, but that is another post - we have extremely slow/unresponsive INTERNET, network speed is fine), but now we are experiencing intermittant KSOD - a black screen after startup with the mouse cursor.

Here is the process:
Cold/warm boot doesn't matter, the PC starts, POSTS, the shows the Windows 7 startup logo. Then it goes to black screen with a mouse. You can move the mouse, but CTRL-ALT-DEL/SHIFT/ESC does nothing. No login, no task manager, nothing on the screen. Safe Mode - same thing.

So far, we have been re-imaging the affected machines, but this is highly impractical as we have over 300 machines! As time goes on, each machine KSODS.

What I have tried:
Disabling all GPOs
Disabling Startup scripts
Uninstalling Silverlight
Unplugging network cable/restarting
Pretty much everything that has been found in a Google search.

Please - ANY ideas?

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Did you create a New Sid?

by markp24 In reply to My Windows 7 images are K ...


Did you use Sysprep when creating the new image?
or did you just load a PC and then image it and use that image for the other PC's?

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No sysprep

by rouschkateer In reply to Did you create a New Sid?

Just took one of the machines "as it was" out of the classroom, cleaned it up, and imaged that machine.

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You do need to run sysprep

by markp24 In reply to No sysprep


The issue may be caused by not using sysprep, , if you do not use sysprep, then the systems (even though you may change the host name) still have identifiers that are the same as the other systems that were created by this image, there for kick eachother off the network.
Try recreating the image on a machine after running the systprep utility on it.
I believe this will fix your issue.

please let me know how it works out.

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by rouschkateer In reply to You do need to run syspre ...

If I hand-configure each NIC to have its own IP address, subnet mask, and gateway, as well as DNS, then will it still cause an issue?

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Yes it will

by markp24 In reply to Hmm...but...

Hi, there are still other OS items that ID a system.

here are some artivcles and How to's for imaging a windows 7 system

i hope those help

thank you,


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Are you using Active Directory?

by IC-IT In reply to No sysprep

If so see if you can right click (Admin tools - AD Users and Computers) on one of the "bad " systems and check the event logs.

You did un-join the build machine from the Domain and if using SMS uninstalled it and McAfee Framework?

Edited to add; We have used Ghost to push out about 200 systems (25 -35 each time). We have not been using Sysprep. We did have to change the Default Ghost template to PCDOS from WINPE.

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