My Windows subdirectory in Vista is 29Gb in size?

By bjacob ·
I would like to be able to free up space on my hard drive and I noticed that my VISTA Windows subdirectory is 29Gb which seems way too big? Is there a way I can reduce this subdirectory to a more reasonable size without causing damage?

Many thanks

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Depends on how many partitions or HDDs you have

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My Windows subdirectory i ...

What are the relative capacities of your other HDDs?

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Try clearing the temp directory

by Jacky Howe In reply to My Windows subdirectory i ...


Also check to see what is taking up the space.

TreeSize Free V2.33


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Restore Points

by TheChas In reply to My Windows subdirectory i ...

I suspect that most of the extra space that Vista is taking up is the restore points and install files for the patches.

As part of installing Vista SP2, Microsoft allowed you to delete older fixes and restore points to free up hard drive space.

If I am looking at things correctly, the subfolders of the Windows folder that hold these files include:

Internet Logs
Software Distribution

Of those, Software Distribution and Winsxs take up the most drive space.

While I have not tried this on a Vista system, I usually will delete restore points that are more than 6 months old on a XP system.

Start with a few of the oldest files you suspect are updates and restore points and send them to the recycle bin. Re-boot and if things run fine, it should be safe to delete them.

A little research at the Microsoft Tech-Net page for Vista should help verify which files and folders are safe to clean.


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Installer cach

by artanyis In reply to My Windows subdirectory i ...

I've run into this a couple times in XP but not in vista yet, but for some reason windows will duplicate the msi packages in the installer cache (c:\window\installer or system32\installer) worst I've run into installer was using some 80+ gigs, I'm not sure why this was happening but most of them are safe to delete. You should use a program like FileMon or FileTree to determine what is using up so much space. What I have done in the past to correct this problem was to update the windows installer and than clear out the duplicated files, basically go into the installer directory and sort by name than remove all but one of each of the duplicated files, its a little time consuming but it works.

First definitely find out what directory is taking up so much space and let us know so we can better help you.

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Windows sub directory 29Gb

by bjacob In reply to Installer cach

Thanks heap!

Together with all the other helpful replies, I've solved the problem.


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As well as the above advice

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My Windows subdirectory i ...

Run System Cleaners like CCleaner available free here


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by sfareed In reply to My Windows subdirectory i ...

Please try the following Steps.

1.)Clearing the temp Files (C:\windows\temp)

2.)Installed Vista SP2, Microsoft allowed

3.)you can delete older fixes and restore points to free up hard drive space.

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