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My Windows Vista PC takes too long to startup, what's wrong??

By fcui21 ·
I have a Dell Dimenstion E520 with Vista Premium (32-bit). It's only 4 months old and had no problems until recently. From the time I power up the PC to the time the log on screen comes up (user name/password), it always takes about 1 minute and a half. I notice the part that takes the longest is after the Operating system loads up (Windows Vista logo) and from there it's a pure black screen for what seems like forever...what could be causing this and how can I fix it?

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by BALTHOR In reply to My Windows Vista PC takes ...

You could try taking the darned thing back to the computer store or try installing XP.

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by NaughtyMonkey In reply to My Windows Vista PC takes ...

load XP

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Monkey is Appropriate

by rkuhn In reply to Well...

Because you're acting like one.

Not everyone hates Vista and should keep XP.

I'd actually rather change your name to ostrich as you obviously have your head in the sand (or somewhere else that I'm too polite to say).

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I like Vista...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Monkey is Appropriate

on my laptop. It works great. But my desktop ran like crap. I tried cutting off everything to make it run better and killed all unnecessary startup items. It still takes forever to boot. If he wants his computer to boot faster than what he said it takes, I don't believe it can be done with Vista. On a fresh install with only needed items starting up, it will still take at least a minute to get going.

I never said Vista was bad, I just said if he wanted a fast boot he would have to use XP. You may think my head is in the sand, but yours is up your a$$.

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by rkuhn In reply to I like Vista...

Thanks for the explanation.

But any time your comment is simply "load XP" without any further comments or explanation, you're acting like a moron.

Simple as that.

In a Help Forum, people come here for help. Not personal agendas.

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Typical Checks

by rkuhn In reply to My Windows Vista PC takes ...

And forgive me if there isn't an equivalent as I don't use Vista just yet.

Run Msconfig and disable unnecessary startup items.

Run Services.msc and shutdown unnecessary services.

Scan for viruses, spyware, malware, etc.

Startup in Safe Mode. If Safe Mode starts up fine then it is more than likely a driver issue.

Run MemTest to test RAM.

Check your Event Logs to see if there is an entry for anything unusual.

Lastly, is this a networked PC? I have seen improperly configured PC's that were setup in a domain using their home router as the DNS server that then forwarded the request to the ISP. It takes forever for that process to fail out and load the local profile and hence the desktop.

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Another possibility -

by OldER Mycroft In reply to My Windows Vista PC takes ...

I've only been witness to one Vista laptop -repeatedly- every time my mate brings it round because it keeps slowing down.

I've noticed that, heavily dependent on what the system was last doing prior to shutdown, the next startup can be affected.

By default, and rather difficult to disable, Vista runs with file indexing from the word go.

Do you notice hectic HDD activity when there is a slow startup? It is most likely the file indexing system in overdrive.

But I do concur with the above checks.

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Check for...

by rmwcs In reply to My Windows Vista PC takes ...

I would check for viruses/spyware and other web nasties. I've had a couple of Dells act this way before a major hardware failure..power supply, motherboard, or the HDD. Sorry to sound dismal

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Vista problem

by hardik118 In reply to My Windows Vista PC takes ...

Simply completely remove Vista...
format the system
and install a new copy of XP

everything will be fine...

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You're an Idiot!

by rkuhn In reply to Vista problem

Enough said.

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