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    My Winows 10 Nitro 5 Laptop keeps Crashing

    by jeglitis246 ·

    My laptop has been crashing out of nowhere for about 2 weeks.

    To solve this i have upgraded my RAM, bought a cooling mat and stand and factory reset my device, but none have worked.

    What can i do?

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      Re: crashing

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to My Winows 10 Nitro 5 Laptop keeps Crashing

      Since a factory reset didn’t help, you know it’s a hardware issue.

      It’s not clear what ‘upgraded RAM’ means, but the only reasonable interpretation is “replaced the RAM with the same quantity of faster RAM.” That won’t help indeed.

      The obvious solution is to replace the stuff inside that is broken. Find a repair shop to do it, or send it to the the makers tech service. If you still have warranty, the last option will be free.

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      Hope it’s in warranty. But….

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to My Winows 10 Nitro 5 Laptop keeps Crashing

      As I read [url=] prior discussions from this rather long link[/url] we see there’s no one thing that fixes it.

      While the factory reset not fixing it is a bad sign there are drivers and more that can be out of date.

      Unlike most gaming consoles, a gaming PC has the owner learn about BIOS, drivers and more to get the PC in gaming condition.

      So there’s the BIOS which some are afraid to update which I’ve lost count of how many times that fixed a cranky PC. It’s NOT ALWAYS the cause but on the list of what we work.

      There are drivers to work and then we have hardware to consider.
      For example we know to use the canned air once a month and never rely on temperature reporting to tell us it’s time to clean.

      To sum it all up, there is no do this cure unless we write to replace the computer! You have a lot of work to do before that.

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        by jeglitis246 ·

        In reply to Hope it’s in warranty. But….

        Thanks for the reply, so what would be the next thing for me to do? ive had the laptop since about December last year so it is still in warranty.

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          Next step.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Thankyou

          Get your receipt handy, find the number or website for the warranty and give yourself time to call it in. If you bought it at Costco or similar see if they accept returns/exchanges.

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      Check Temperatues

      by old molases ·

      In reply to My Winows 10 Nitro 5 Laptop keeps Crashing

      Nirto 5 have a suite called Nitrosense, where it tells you about the temperatures of both GPU and CPU. Keep an eye on the temperatures and look for odd temps.

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      How you can fix this

      by akng ·

      In reply to My Winows 10 Nitro 5 Laptop keeps Crashing

      Well here what you can do

      1.Reboot your computer.
      2.Make sure your CPU works properly.
      3,Boot in Safe Mode.
      4.Update your drivers.
      5.Run System File Checker.

      This are some of the basic thinks you can do.

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