My wireless connection isn't working

By tanyathib ·
I have read so many posts on this topic that I'm going cross-eyed lol.

I know that my problem is a simple setting fix, but all of the posts I have read are making mountains out of mole hills.

I have a Dell laptop and the wireless connection on the laptop is in working order and the router is in working order - no hardware problems here for sure.

My scenario is this: Laptop connected to an unsecured wireless connection in location A with no problems. Moved laptop to location B and setup a new internet connection that is a secured connection (with a WEP key). Moved laptop back to location A (with unsecured wireless connection) and now it will not connect to the wireless. It connects completely fine with the wired connection.

I have messed with the Proxy settings, I've released, flushed and renewed the ip address, I've tried to "repair" the connection, my ip pings just fine, I can access the other computers on the local network just fine, other laptops in this location can access the internet with a wireless connection no problem.

I know that it is just some simple, silly little setting on my laptop that will be different because of the secured connection I setup in location B - but I can't find it.

If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.

Just to repeat for the record... I know without question that there are NO hardware problems - everything works just fine from every other possible angle other than MY laptop connecting to the internet with THIS wireless connection.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure that this would be much help.

by Ron K. In reply to My wireless connection is ...

If it was my computer I'd walk slowly with it connected at point B to see where it will no longer connect when you move toward point A. I'd do it just because. It may drop out just before you get to point A or as soon as you leave point B. I'd be curious to know, if it was me.

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Make sure

by AnsuGisalas In reply to My wireless connection is ...

That you're not waiting for a response to a passkey that isn't there.
Sometimes you can put your key in the wireless profile, and I think I've had problems like that, when the network doesn't need the key.
Ironic... a bit like a drunk guy wondering why his housekey wont turn in that unlocked fence gate.

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by Robert Przybylowicz In reply to My wireless connection is ...

Did you try to delete your locations. Sometimes this helps. It is the only thing that you didn't mention before.

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