My wireless is incredibly slow.

By hacknerd2002 ·
I am a hardcore gamer, but i havent been lately because of the fact that my laptop (Dell XPS) isn's getting a fast connection at all from my router. I have a Linksys Router, not sure which model, but i would very much appreciate it if someone gave me some pointers so that i can run my games alot smoother.

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Common problem with wireless

by Tig2 In reply to My wireless is incredibly ...

I can boost my speed greatly by grabbing a long CAT5 and turning off my wireless connection. Generally, the speed difference doesn't bother me but if you're a gamer, I can see why it would.

There are new wireless routers that offer a speed boost but from what I hear, there is really no guarantee on that so may not be worth the money and effort.

If you have the option of plugging directly in, do so. You will notice the speed difference.

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by hacknerd2002 In reply to Common problem with wirel ...

The only thing i see wrong with that is, there are 2 other computers in my household. One of them is exactly like mine, and the other is a desktop.

Both of them have great speeds and can play the same games i am trying to play, with almost no lag/latency because of a bad connection.

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OK- that's strange.

by Tig2 In reply to But...

Are the configurations on the laptops identical? The only thing that I can think of off-hand is that there is different hardware in the two boxes. Dell used to be famous for that- build an image for one hardware set only to have it fail on a different machine with "theoretically" the same hardware.

Let me do some head scratching. Latency on wireless is reasonable but not what you are describing.

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Could try another WI-FI card

by w2ktechman In reply to OK- that's strange.

insert a different card into your notebook. Is it doing the same thing? If not the card may be going out slowly.
If you can, borrow a pcmcia adapter and set it up.

Other than that, drivers would be a good starting point, and router reset.
Another thought, is there a wireless phone in the area? If so, it may be interfering. Also, bluetooth devices may interfere as well. If your notebook has bluetooth, disable it and check the connection.

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Distance and Barriers

by faradhi In reply to My wireless is incredibly ...

Is there a difference in the distance and number of barrier between the problem computer and the speedier ones?

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Latest drivers

by Mr.Wiz In reply to My wireless is incredibly ...

I've had problems in the past with not using the latest drivers on the wireless NIC and not keeping the firmware updated on the router. Once updated, speed went back to normal.

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Where do you find the latest drivers?

by andrew15251 In reply to Latest drivers

I have a similar problem with wireless and I was wondering where do I find the latest drivers and for what device? I assume it is the wireless card?

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