My wireless mouse click only works when the mouse is moving. Why?

By jim.wyse ·
My MS Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0, working in either XP or 7, frequently won't respond to clicks unless the mouse is moving at the same time. I've tried all the usual things like latest driver, different USB port, etc. The batteries are good, and the mouse is less than two feet from the receiver!

Any ideas, anyone?

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time for a new mouse?

by w2ktechman In reply to My wireless mouse click o ...

has it been dropped or banged up against something? Try another mouse to see if it works the same way, if not, replace this one

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Well a lot of questions and hopefully that may help lead to an answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My wireless mouse click o ...

How old is the Mouse? They do wear out over time.

Have you tried switching Chanel's?

What type of Batteries are these? Rechargeable or standard Alkaline?

If they are rechargeable they have a lower voltage than the standard Alkaline Batteries and some Devices do not work at all well with them.

While the receiver may be two feet or less from the mouse is there anything in between that may interfere with the Mouse Signal?

Have you tried changing the orientation of the receiver to see if that makes a difference.

These Inbuilt Antennas are very directional and if they are in the wrong plain they could be together but still not get a signal.


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No, these don't answer it!

by jim.wyse In reply to Well a lot of questions a ...

No, the mouse hasn't been dropped/banged etc.
The batteries are new, and the mouse seems to work OK, for a while, after I start the PC.
It's working just fine right now, the PC has been on about 5 minutes.
It seems to be worse when viewing web-pages, etc, so perhaps there's some pointer (excuse the pun!) there?

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