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my xp keeps on re starting

By verns_19 ·
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to all people here in techrepublic. im having a troublem on my laptop and my xp keeps on re starting.i did some basic troubleshooting but nothing happens and i also tested the hard disk into another pc then the hard disk was not detected.what could be the problem in my case? please solve my problem and i want a specific anser. thanks in advance

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by Bork Blatt In reply to my xp keeps on re startin ...

Hard to be specific when (a) very little info is given about the symptoms and (b) this problem can have so many causes.

Does the laptop reboot at random, or is there a definite trigger, ie every time you run a specific program?

Has it always behaved like this, or did this start happening only recently? If yes, have you just installed new hardware, device drivers, done a firmware update, etc?

If you recently made a change to your setup on XP, and this is when the trouble started, use System Restore to undo those changes.

Anyway, impossible to give you a specific answer without knowing more about the problem.

If all else fails, pay a qualified IT person to fix it for you.

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If you want a specific answer

by Kiltie In reply to my xp keeps on re startin ...

You need to supply more specific information.

However, if your hard drive was not detected using another system, then maybe you have already found the cause of any problems.

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HDD problem?!?!

by 3xp3rt In reply to If you want a specific an ...

It seams to be a HDD problem. Probably you have some bad sectors; on witch are some system files. When the OS want to access some of these files, the system crash, and reboot.

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by verns_19 In reply to HDD problem?!?!

thanks for the answers guys...

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by BorgInva In reply to my xp keeps on re startin ...

I think heat. I see many laptops reboot or shutdown or crash because they are getting too hot. This is why newer laptops have the vents on the sides and not the bottom. My laptop is constructed like this as well.
You may want to look at some laptop coolers. They are cheap. I recommended one particular one which helped 2 laptops since even I could not find anything else wrong.
Look for something similar but I would say give one of these types of coolers a try.

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