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my yahoo id is being hacked

By lovjain ·
my yahoo id is being hacked by someone...whenever i login to yahho messenger a flickering window with my name offline messages are recieved anyhow..when i check in the archive then i find an entry with a name 'limebt'.i do not know this user and never had a chatt to this person.the message under this name displays "Magic-PS v1.5 SE++ ===>"followed by my yahoo id and password..i dont know how to protect my id..please help me out as the privacy of my mailbox is in danger..

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by mikex In reply to my yahoo id is being hack ...

Change your password ASAP:)

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by Srikrishna In reply to my yahoo id is being hack ...

Hi it seems ur machine'd compromised..its a trojan
"Trojan.PSW.Sagic, Trojan.PSW.Sagic.11"..clean with Anti Virus..Chng ur passwords..

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by I_S In reply to my yahoo id is being hack ...

I advise you to change two important points:
1.Change your id by new difficult and strange one.
2.Change your security question that you entered when you create your account by new and difficult one.

and be sure that the person who hacked yor email he is know you and he is knowing one of these security tools or both :)

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by nyoka In reply to my yahoo id is being hack ...

change you secret question and answer and also change your password in you password use numbers and letters so for example where there is and o put a zero and so on put numbers in between it

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by bridge.mode In reply to my yahoo id is being hack ...

you may try out those suggestions given by other users here but am afraid that won't help a lot. changing passwords and security settings doesnt work at all because you are already been link to his computer and everytime you log in using the same PC some data will be pass to the hacker and notify him via offline message the new password you are using including ur OS, Ip Add, REgistry number and so on. if you have an updated Norton Anti-virus this could have been blocked since the start of stealing. i am pretty sure that u have chatted with the hacker you just don't remember who the person is. there are two basic rules to be followed;
first, never accept files esp. jpeg file with "exe" at the end with those people you don't know. Second, always update ur anti virus.
i must tell you password stealing using Magic Password v1.5 doesnt work without ur permission. this only happens when you accepts the file sent.
so what do you have to do?
SIMPLY RUN NORTON ANTI-VIRUS (Updated) and this will track down its location and just delete it. if this doesnt help send me a message and i will tell you where you can find Magic Password Remover. i can't post it here for those are restricted sites and i might get banned..heheh

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