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My year old sony vaio vpc ee31x has a white/blank screen how do I fix it?

By chabalan ·
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I have a year sony vaio ee31x laptop, more than a month ago My screen would just go white either when I am working on the laptop or when booting up, then it would show after a few mintues and the go white again. I recovered my laptop to factory settings and it worked fine for another five weeks. On Friday the 16th of March the white screen problem started again. I tried recovery with no avail. I was adviced to test it by connecting a monitor to determine whether it was the lcd display intermitter. When I try connecting to an external monitor nothing is happening, fn and f7 won't work either

Please help

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Depends on the external Monitor here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My year old sony vaio vpc ...

Use the Setup Menu on it to see if it's locked into a Mode that the NB doesn't support. Like Digital or Analog, you don't need the computer working for this, just turn the Monitor on and press the Menu Button on the front of it to select.

Also as the system is relatively new what is the Warranty Situation here?

If it's covered by the Makers Guarantee or an Extended Warranty I would suggest talking to the Warranty Provider and getting them to fix it before you do anything that could void the warranty.


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Reponse To Answer

by chabalan In reply to Depends on the external M ...

Unfortunately a friend bought the laptop for me in Dubai, and I live in Zambia where I am not sure if we have any sony agents here......

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If there is no video at the VGA port

by robo_dev In reply to My year old sony vaio vpc ...

(e.g. when you connect an external monitor)

And the screen is white for the internal monitor,

Then most likely the video controller on the system board is faulty, and the laptop may therefore need a new system board.

Note: If the screen whiteness happens on power-up and bootup, when in the BIOS and setup screens, that for sure is a hardware problem. If it only happens AFTER Windows loads, then that COULD be some weird software (e.g. Windows video driver or malware) issue.

If it DOES malfunction in the initial power-on and setup screens, you are 'just out of warranty' I would contact Sony and beg for mercy, ( as the Col wisely suggested above) and perhaps they can help out. Otherwise, what is needed is a replacement system board.

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Try here but Sony does list someone in Zambia even if it shows as S Africa

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to My year old sony vaio vpc ...

Just remember to remove the space from between the sony and the .co to get a working link.


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