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My Yearly Try at Linux

By rkuhn ·
Well, I'm at it again.

I give Linux a try once or twice a year. I've been disappointed for various reasons in the past, however, I have to admit much has changed since my last attempt.

Ok, well I haven't really dug in too deep just yet, but so far I'm impressed. Quick install, all hardware detected (a first for me), good performance.

I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on a AMD 3200+ with 1 GB of RAM and 80 HD. Pretty normal for a "business" PC. Not real old but not real new either.

I turned on the "Extra" under Visual Effects...kind of cool. I'm impressed so far with Evolution. A snap to configure it to retrieve my work email from an Exchange server.

Added a few addons to Firefox and installed Flash.

So far, while I haven't done anything near what my day to day responsibilities would require, I'm impressed.

The wizards are easy, the setup was a breeze. Performance is OK. I was expecting more since most of the Linux crowd claims it is so much faster. It seems about the same as Windows.

The next test is getting the things done that my job requires of me. Some specific tools and tasks that may or may not work in Linux...I may have to find alternatives.

At least this time I'm further down the road configuring everything, installing everything, etc. No problems so far which leads me to believe I'll stick to it longer this time.

In the past, one problem after another was simply too much and all my attempts ended in frustration. An OS to me is something that enables me to get my job done, not an end goal in and of itself. Like they say, it's the apps that matter.

But this time does feel different. No major obstacles just yet is a more comforting feeling. I'm more positive already.

We'll see.

P.S. Almost forgot. One thing I do not like about my setup so far...the fonts. They are horrible compared to my Windows box (what I'm used to and accustomed to).

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A couple of tipe for when you get to the Windows only software

by Deadly Ernest In reply to My Yearly Try at Linux

go to Add?Remove Programs (a special interface of Adept) and make sure you have WINE loaded and the MSfont loaded - they'll make using most Windows based software a lot easier to use. I always do a regular package update as well.

And this site is worth a visit too

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I Already Installed Wine

by rkuhn In reply to A couple of tipe for when ...

In anticipation of needing some Windows apps, I already installed Wine. I have no clue how to use it yet though.

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That is the key

by jdclyde In reply to I Already Installed Wine

until you have a reason for running it, it will stay that way.

I am about to move another system at home over to the linux. One out of four are linux, the 2 are xp and one win2k.

think I will give the ubon a try again. my other one is MINT.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to That is the key

I have been running Jaunty Jackalope at home for quite a while. It is not bad, but does have the occasional hang up. I don't really mess with it too much though. I mainly use it for Web based Email and GIMP (though I have GIMP on a number of my XP boxes too).
I have an XP desktop at home, and XP laptop, the Jaunty laptop, a W2K laptop and a RedHat 6.2 laptop (I also have a 98 desktop but it is out of commission). I think I have tried many flavors of Ubuntu, PCLinux, Mandrake and RedHat over the years. I found the last few installs of Ubuntu were a lot friendlier with the wireless chipsets in my laptops though.

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Gave it up

by CharlieSpencer In reply to My Yearly Try at Linux

I took a shot at it annually for about four years. I've decided there's nothing there to interest me personally. I'll continue my practice of running whatever OS came on the system when I bought it; in this case, Vista Home Basic.

Professionally is another matter, but for the foreseeable future there are other technologies the company would rather I concentrate on.

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Vista and Ubuntu

by dschlesak In reply to Gave it up

I have heard and read that Vista is a dog. I would rather request my supplier to load WinXP on any system I buy from them.

I run a dual boot on my desktop. Ubuntu to access email and the internet since it is a lot more secure than Windows. Windows for some software that I still could not get accustomed to on the Ubuntu system.

Good reason for Ubuntu (for me at least) is that Ubuntu is free and Windows can cost you $300 or more and all the software that Ubuntu provides for free can cost you thousands of dollard. You can get accounting software, databases, games, open office (runs on Windows and Ubuntu), graphics and video software plus a lot more and all for free (donations are welcome). I used to like Microsoft when they first started (I started with Windows 1.0 and Word 1.0) as they were customer oriented and responded to customer input. That attitude has gone the same way as the IBM attitude used to be as they grew and dominated the market. Now it is "You will do it our way or you will not do it!". As long as they hold that attitude, they will lose market share same as IBM did. The other thing I don't like about Windows ia that there are all to many holes and back doors. Microsoft is also enterring into agreements with other companies to undermine the user. No thanks, Microsoft. I will go to Ubuntu and save money plus be more secure.

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And I just never see the point

by Slayer_ In reply to Vista and Ubuntu

I mean, an example would be, pretty much everything you listede you use in Ubuntu, also exists in Windows. So your entire reason for using Ubuntu is safe web browsing. I am not sure what you are browsing that is "unsafe" but that's for you and your mind to deside. Suffice to say, if that is your only use, why not just use a LiveCD? Same effect, no lost HDD space, and it's even safer. Heck, you can be safer yet and in your BIOS, disable your HDD's before you fire up the LiveCD.

But seriously, your rebooting your computer every time you wanna browse the net anyways, why not just use a LiveCD?

I would love to use Linux, but I just cannot justify it. As you say, software costs money, but the software I want costs money regardless of what OS I use. So that, as a point, is pointless. So it really comes down to the OS cost, and what cna run on each OS. The majority of programs run on Windows. This easily offsets the cost.
I mean, even if you prefer openoffice, as you say, it works in Windows. So that is another point for Windows. You haven't actually saved any money in your system, because you are still using Windows and paid for software. You have just installed Ubuntu to, I am assuming, take advantage of the free software that may not exist for Windows. That is certainly fine, but unless your burning CD's (unlikely?) that you could do everything your doing, using a virtual machine of Ubuntu.

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Getting away from windows all-together

by dschlesak In reply to And I just never see the ...

Most of the work I do now is in Ubuntu and I rarely switch back to windows. It happens only if I cannot get it done in Ubuntu. The software that I use comes free in Ubuntu and it costs plenty in Windows. Plus I just do not trust Microsoft any more. As I said before, I used Windows and Word since version 1.0 but I have lost confidence in Microsoft.

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And thats just my point

by Slayer_ In reply to Getting away from windows ...

You are still running Windows, so no money saved at all, you actually just trouble yourself by having to run two operating systems.

I would love to switch to Linux, I truely would. But It just can't do what I want to do.

After working all day, when I get home, all I wanna do is maybe watch a movie, browse the web, and play games.

None of these activites can be done to my satisfaction in linux. If anyone questions the browsing the web one, search up my unanswered help thread at TR about why I can't browse the web effectivly....

I bet with way too much dicking around, I might get videos and TV shows to work, but in Windows I litiratly just open the nVidia control panel, and click clone to TV. DONE! GOM player automatically adjusts ratios to my TV screen through S-Video, it also automatically has every codec I have ever needed, it has even on more than one occasion beat VLC. There is no GOM on Nix .

And I cannot play games on Nix, cause there are no commercial games on Nix.

For every other odd activity I do, Windows does what I want, just fine, usually with free software.

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by dschlesak In reply to And thats just my point

If you are happy with Windows then you should not change. I have almost completely converted to Ubuntu. I have no problems with watching TV shows or web surfing with Ubuntu. Games I do not play except for Backgammon and Texas Hold'em but I can do that in Ubuntu as well.

Each to his own. I find Microsoft cost prohibitive (various programs not just Windows) and I do not like Microsoft's attitude nor their future plans to undermine even your TV watching without paying a price so that they can collect royalties.

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