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    MYOB on Centralized Server


    by eraser3498 ·

    I’ve been using MYOB for my business for quite a while know and have a question that I can’t seem to get a straight answer to. Is it possible to put it on a centralized server and have each user run as a client and access the same information. This would really be helpful for invoices and cost chain processing. Right now each user has it installed on there own machine and the changes don’t carry over. Thanks for the help.

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      by eraser3498 ·

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      MYOB Premier is required

      by ettrema ·

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      Yes, it is possible. Although you didn’t state what version you are running, nor where you are located. You need MYOB Premier where the data file is located on a central server and each MYOB user has MYOB software on their local PC. I’m a MYOB Certified Consultant located in Sydney Australia.


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        Looking for MYOB resource

        by jerry l ·

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        Maurice, you called yourself a MYOB Certified Consultant. I am looking for MYOB expertise in the USA. Is there a forum, association, etc. were I might find someone with similar qualifications in the state? Other suggestions? Thanks, Jerry

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