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By chris ·
We have recently blocked Myspace at the firewall and now have some employees in a rage. As a corporation, is there a liability in allowing open use of these types of sites?

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RE: Myspace

by DugaDugDug In reply to Myspace

Not sure about liabilities but as far as your business goes, for some it means a loss in productivity. I would ask those employees, or better yet have their director/group leader/supervisor ask them, what is the business requirement to visit that site?

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Exactly right

by amcol In reply to RE: Myspace

Every time I block something someone screams bloody murder. The fact that what I'm blocking has no business value seems lost on them. As a result I have my own personal blocking system...I pay no attention to them.

Just last night we had a user whose laptop blew up, and my techs spent several hours...after hours...building him a new one since he was getting ready for some travel. The thanks we got? A blistergram complaining that "we forgot to reinstall iTunes". We'd never installed it in the first place, of course, and my techs didn't need me to tell them to leave it out of the rebuild.

I am constantly amazed at the gall people have to complain when you cut them off from things they shouldn't be doing on company time, like access to sites such as mySpace, or games, or some such. Don't fall for it. You're doing your job. They aren't, and you're not obligated to explain why you're doing the right thing.

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No harm having music

by Ivy Clark In reply to Exactly right

I don't think it's a big deal if users have itunes or media players installed, to accompany them while they work. But visiting sites like myspace and perhaps updating personal blogs are a no no. Then again, who are we to judge... we're making these posts to techrepublic on our company time too, aren't we?

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by ericl_w19 In reply to No harm having music

they recently blocked myspace here at work.personally since that thing is full of Cr@p i could care less.and people going around complaining about blocking web sites it my last job we had a manager playing games online and my manager and i we went in and blocked them with websense.boy that pissed her off but we got a good laugh out of it.ofcourse to just screw with everyone one day we would allow games and then the next block access again.we had way to much fun with our users.hehe.

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Have them submit the request

by jdclyde In reply to RE: Myspace

through their supervisor for them to have access.

It is not the job of IT to decide what is and isn't a loss of productivity.

If their boss does not care AND it does not violate company policy, let it ride!

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Really Right

by 8) In reply to Have them submit the requ ...

jdclyde: This is really right. If the request does not have validity, they will not send it at all. This especially if it is known that it will potentially be reviewed outside the IT department.

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by In reply to Myspace

I think that myspace is pretty major. It sems that everyone has a space on that site. It is getting way to big.

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