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By byron.gough ·
Hi. This is my first time posting so Im not too sure if the topic is up already. Apologies if is.

Anyway. My problem is that have mySQL running on a windows 2k machine. I also have the latest connection driver and also the latest query analyser, migration tool. What I am trying to do is connect to an external database. At present I connect up to it through Access. What I first tried to do was migrate the database but the tables are too large and I maxed out the connection. Secondly I tried to link to the tables through access but I cant do this as the tables are already linked in access and it doesnt allow for double linking. I then tried to import the tables to access but again they are too big and i maxed out the line. Lastly i tried to import the files to mysql. again maxed the line. What im essentially trying to do is to link to these tables directly from mySQL thus avoiding access. How is this done as i have been trying with the connector and it hasnt work. Also I have scoured the mySQL website and cant find the right solution. I pretty sure it can be done I just dont know how. Thanks again.

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Confused, you will be

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to mySQL

Are you talking mySQL the DBMS or the mySQL windows tools for accessing a MySQL Database.

The mySQL DBMS does not do linking to external in the way Access or Excel do. Access and Excel link and provide you with a familiar GUI front end for the DBMS.

No DBMS does linking in that manner, they are not graphical tools.

What's the external database ?

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by dawgit In reply to mySQL

you mentioned migrate, are you migrating or not? to what? (that might explain the size limit issue)

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I am confused

by byron.gough In reply to migrate?

Hi im talking about the dbms. If it does let you link the tables what can i do to retreive the data from the other database. Other Database is SQL. I need just to link my own mySQL database to this SQL database. How do i go about doing this. Just to give you an overview. i work for a company of 30,000 employees. Im based in Ireland the Server is based in the US. So getting in touch with the right person to set this up for me has been tricky enough. i just want to have all the correct information first to do this. What are the standard procedures in linking a mySQL database to SQl and as you said i cant link what can i do. Cant use access anymore its going to collapse. Dawgit i wont be migrating anymore it is to time consuming with all the databases we have. Thanks already for your help.

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tea-Totaly Understandable

by dawgit In reply to I am confused

ja, I can see why anyone would be confused there. Apples & Oranges is what your looking at in regards to SQL-DBs. Might I suggest some books and a lot of reading. One book in particular to start with would be an 'O'Reilly'; "SQL-Pocket Guide" by: Jonathan Gennick, (?2004 O'Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN: 0-596-00512-1) in this book you can see and compare all the different SQL data banks. They do NOT play well together. Yes, you might be able to view or query some of one from the other, but that won't help you here. Since your (you companys) main investment seems to be with MS-SQL it looks like you will not be able to get the a full supreciation of MySQL. There is also another program available to utilize cross platform access called WebMin, it has a GUI type viewer to work with various programs. Anyway to do what I think you want to do, most people use PHP as an interface to MySQL. I'm sure that will help you in dealing with an MsSQL. And then there are security issues with PHP. Ok, back to the MsSQL, MicroSoft has released a new version of their MsSQL as a free version, Check out their web site ] or down load from here: [ ] But here, since your operation is that big, and you're already using MsSQL, you might have a licence problem. Let me go in the cornor and think some more. -d

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mmm hard one mate

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I am confused

It was the term linking that fooled me by the way.

Are you after something like this
Select mysqltable.*, sqlservertable.* where
mysqltable.keyvalue = sqlservertable.keyvalue ?

As in cross querying both databases ?

The only four ways forward I can see are.
1) unify your dbms, hey cover all bases.
2) Some sort of datawarehousing solution

3) Use access. excel, or your own noddy ( a little application/ tool) and seriously cut sown on the data you need to bring in to it.
Get a subset of data off both servers and then query that locally. This means you have to have an idea about waht you are looking for before you ask for it.

4) Some sort of incremental replication scheme. Arrgghhh !

All have their own problems

If multiple dbms's without complete data segregation is the way your company is going, probably data warehousing is your most future proof bet.

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