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MySQL mysqldump exporting incomplete files?

By niana ·
I am trying to export a MySQL database from an Amazon Web Service Relation Database Service. I have tried connecting and exporting through MySQL Workbench and tried through command line in the EC2 server. But the tables exports still end up incomplete.

One table exports the first 5459 rows (1.1Mb) and then stops halfway through the row. another table exports the first 676 rows (7.7Mb) and then stops halfway through the row again, this table should have about 39000 rows.

I haven't used Amazon Web Services before or Linux or MySQL, I normally work on Windows servers with Microsoft SQL. Has anyone had this error before or know what the cause could be?

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Query related to MYSQL

by abhishekguptagupta In reply to MySQL mysqldump exporting ...

Hi, I own a website Right now I have a blog section on my site with a permalink /blog. Now I wanted to know can I create a subdomain like and add my all /blog post to it.

What changes I have to do in MYSQL table? I just to show my all post on subdomain section instead of /blog section.

Please reply as soon as possible

Thanks & Regards,

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MySQL mysqldump exporting incomplete files?

by abhishekguptagupta In reply to MySQL mysqldump exporting ...
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Replacing text in MySQL

Really you should open up your own thread I think as it's not helping the original poster to reply to their thread with a different question. However, I see your site is WordPress and you would do well to explore this link for database changes IMO as this solution deals with the whole of the database not just odd tables, and also deals with serialized data correctly

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AWS exporting incomplete files

It feels like a resource issue server-wise... I noticed on another question site that a poster found the solution in the setting of the max_allowed_packet on both client and server. There's a big discussion there that I probably shouldn't repeat here, but a google for incomplete mysql exports aws might help you out.

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