MySQL vs Access

By alody_mack ·
what's the difference of MySQL from Ms Access

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Access is a desktop program

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MySQL vs Access

MySQl is a server.

There are a lot of other ones, you'll have to be more specific, TR will run out of disk space before I could get half way through the answer

What prompted the question?

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MY SQL is a rip off of the SQL used in Unix & Linux

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to MySQL vs Access

It has much more capacity to do things than Access which at best is a small usage application where as My SQL is for large Forms that you need to manipulate data on and other such things.

It is a Server Product to allow many people access to the data to do with as they wish where as Access is a desktop Application for single use applications.

SQL comes in where Access finishes and is capable of doing far more than Access could ever dream of.


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chuckle, I'm playing with MySQL right now

by DanLM In reply to MY SQL is a rip off of th ...

your data base's can be 4 gig I believe. The new release of MySql has the functionality of stored procedures and functions. Oracle allows this. I can tell you from me banging my head off my desk all day today, that the functionality of the stored procedures isn't as good as oracle. But, for a small business that is thinking of a web db or even business db. They would be totally functional.

We also use MySql at work for some small network applications. Tying them into java web pages and stuff.


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MySQL is used

by Jaqui In reply to chuckle, I'm playing with ...

by most open source portal / cms scripts for the db backend.
It is fully capable for website use.
The newer versions have clustering, replication and stored procedures functionality added, making it more usefull for general business use than it has been.

MS Access is completely designed for home use, or home office / tiny business use.

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chuckle, Access is like rabbits

by DanLM In reply to :p MySQL is used

It seems to appear all accross office desktops, and it gets out of control. Thus you have replication of data accross office desk tops for reporting purposes. And nobody there is in control of when it is updated, where it is stored, when it is backed up(you mean I should have stored it on a network drive?), and the accuracy of it.

Access is nice, but it's dangereous in an office environment if too many people are using it.


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Access may be designed...

by john.a.wills In reply to :p MySQL is used

for home use, but I do not use it at home and I have implemented Access databases (some as front-end to SQL Server) for a clinic with hundreds of patients, for a college with hundreds of PCs etc. to inventory, for the same college's hundreds of door keys,... perhaps it can do more than Jaqui knows.

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Not really

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Access may be designed...

Access as a front end isn't too bad, as a multi user transactional dbms though it sucks.
Using it to write simple drag and drop front ends works. Using it as a backend for a client server, web or gui system as long as you don't want a lot of parallelism and or a lot of data also works.
Hundreds of users looking at the same data at the same time won't work, nor will storage and querying of millions of records.
The big mistake a lot of people make with it, is trying to do something too big with it. hence it's poor reputation. For certain types of sytem it's impossible to design round it's limitations.

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No...Jaqui had it right

by TechExec2 In reply to Access may be designed...

No...Jaqui had it right. MS Access is not designed to be used for large multi-user databases. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MS SQL Server <spit> are.

Sure, you can dig a large hole for a below ground swimming pool with a hand shovel. You would do a lot better with a tractor excavator.

Hundreds of patients, hundreds of PCs, and hundreds of door keys is a very small application that you can do with MS Access. It would fall flat on its face trying to handle MILLIONS of rows in multiple databases, with THOUSANDS of simultaneous users, real-time replication, transparent failover, and 24x7x365 availability.

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I never said

by Jaqui In reply to Access may be designed...

that Access was useless, I only said it was designed for the small business, not a major enterprise.

I personally would not use it, I would start with mysql instead even with a small business.
Then when the needs of the business grow beyond the abilities of Access, you have used a database engine that can grow with the business.

is MySQL as easy to use in the development of an application? no.
it's benefit is in the fact it will be usefull for a far longer period than Access will be.

Slashdot is powered by mysql, and a slashdot article on your website can bring it down with traffic, so the slashdot user based and database engine has tobe scalable far beyond the abiltities of Access.
[ the sladot effect has brought oracle powered websites down, if it can do that access powered website wouldn't have a chance. ]

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O BTW did anyone...

by jay_el_72 In reply to I never said

...mention that MySQL is free! Access has a bad habit of changing its engine, thus requiring one to purchase new DBMS software.

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