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Mysterious Logical Drive

By Shanghai Sam ·
There is a Drive [W:] that sometimes appears when I open Widnows Explorer. There are actually TWO of these mysterious icons right under the CD-ROM [E:], and both are grayed out. When clicked on, an error window says "Drive W is not accessible. This folder was moved or removed." The icon is the default one WordPad uses for .RTF files, and the Properties window claims that Drive W: has a capacity of -0- bytes and is "full."
I'm just curious to find out where this Drive W: could have come from!

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Mysterious Logical Drive

by jbailey In reply to Mysterious Logical Drive

One way you might want try is to go to a command prompt and type: net use

this command will show you all network drives and where the are attached to, with the net use command it is also possible to delete these connections, which, when used, should solve your problem!

Hope this helps!!

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Mysterious Logical Drive

by maxwell edison In reply to Mysterious Logical Drive

There is a DOS command that substitutes a drive letter for a directory path. For example, one could assign W-Drive for the directory path c:\Windows\Whatever\Whatever.

There would be a line in your config.sys file:


There would be a line in your autoexec.bat file:

Subst W=(whatever path)

Check to see if these lines appear. Some program may be refering to them.


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