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Mysterious performance drop still remains!?

By wompai ·
Hey guys,

I posted a question about a mysterious performance drop a few months ago. It's about my laptop performing quiet well up until a certain point. After a few minutes of intensive work (gaming etc.) the performance drops massively. Back then some people said it was the RAM. I installed 8192 MB of DDR3 RAM running at 1333 MHz. Did not solve the problem. I got tips about my GPU overheating, I installed a Trust Cyclone Cooling pad. Which also did not do much about the problem, the temperatures did lower. What could this also be? Can it be driver related?

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Trouble Shoot

by Tyharo In reply to Mysterious performance dr ...

I get performance drops every once in a while and its usually when I haven't done any maintenance.So this may seem a bit basic but do the usual maintenance:
-Antivirus scan
-Registry defrag
-Disk Defrag
-Clean up (ccleaner or diskmax)
-then a disk check
Yes it may seam like a lot but a day of maintenance can make all the difference.
Next I would say, YES check for driver updates! They can possibly fix the issue.
Finaly I would recommend Diskmax, I run it when I feel a slow down in performance.
You can get it here:**2587.html
If your getting the slow down only after playing a game or something like that, its also a good idea to check what processes are running, for all you know the game process might not have closed.
Good luck, I will keep an eye on this topic.

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in addition to the above

by markp24 In reply to Mysterious performance dr ...

what are the details of your video card?
youmay want to try an SSD hard drive

is it possible the gaming is to much for the system?

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System specs

by Tyharo In reply to Mysterious performance dr ...

If you are still having the problem plea post your computers specs, it may be a hardware issue or that your computer cannot handle the game well like markp24 said.

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System specs:

by wompai In reply to Mysterious performance dr ...

Here you go:
CPU: Pentium Dual Core P6100 2 GHz
RAM: 8 GB 1333 MHz
GPU: GeForce GT 420m 1GB (dedicated)
HD 750 GB, 5400 rpm, 8 mb cache
OD Slimtype DVD-Drive
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x64

This should handle today's games at least on low settings, right?

I just recently cleaned out the fan of my laptop from dust. It does run a bit cooler now but not very much. It has shut down of its own before, but now it has suddenly restarted. Twice actually. When windows pops back up again it says that there has been a BSOD. It has been having these driver problems a lot lately and I don't know how to fix it. When I go to my manufacturer's website and download the driver there, the problem persists. Also when I download the PhysX drivers from it says that the driver I've got installed is newer than the one of the Acer website. I have already tried to update my drivers via, but that didn't work so I went back to Acer's custom drivers. I have no idea what's going on and I really need help with this cuz it's kinda pissing me off.

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by Tyharo In reply to Mysterious performance dr ...

Check for a mother board driver, that nay be causing the problem. Has it always had this problem?

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