Mystery folders in XP

By Hardware_Jinx ·

My PC is running XP pro SP3.
Discovered these folders in every partition (C,D,E,F):

System Volume Information

In \:C drive found these as well:


Full scanned PC with AVG 9, Ad-aware, and Malwarebytes' Anti-malware, but these folders still there.

Are these folders needed by the system?
If not how to remove them?

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by TheChas In reply to Mystery folders in XP

I know what most of these are.

The $AVG is one I am not familiar with. Most likely a folder that AVG uses to track activity or store suspect files.

Recycler is your recycle bin storage area. There must be one on each hard drive.

System Volume Information is just like it sounds. Windows stores details on that specific hard drive in that folder.

There should be multiple different $NtUninstall folders on your C: drive. These are your restore points. Every time Windows installs updates and creates a restore point so you can uninstall the update, a new folder is created.

IF and only IF I am running low on drive space, I may remove restore point folders that are more than 6 months old. Otherwise, I leave them in place in case I ever have a need to roll back from a specific update.


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The $AVG is a new one that comes with AVG9

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mystery folders in XP

And it is needed if you plan on continuing to use AVG. Of course if you replace it with something else you can manually delete it.

As for the rest the only addition that I have to The Chas Comment is that the files that he was mentioning on every Drive are in fact on Every Partition if you run more than 1 Partition per HDD and are necessary if you want to run Windows.


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System files

by pavliko1 In reply to Mystery folders in XP

As far as i know $NtUninstallXPSEP$ and 8219de724435923e4f362d are temp folders that were created after some Windows update on your current OS or the previous one. You can delete them with no problems.
RECYCLER is created after you delete a file/folder so you can delete this also.
Now about System Volume Information I'm not sure, you may delete it by allowing your user to have full control over that folder by right clicking that folder and than selecting security and giving full premission to your user.
But when i do this i sometimes have BSOD and the folder comes back.
So think it's better to leave the System Volume Information.

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