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Mystery Internet

By cadecartwright ·
We have two computers connect to the internet via Netgear router model MR814v2. Suddenly a couple days ago one of the computers ceased to be able to connect to the internet, while the other still can. No settings were changed on the broken PC, so I am confused. I tried turning off the computers, the modem and the router and then turning them on in the opposite order and that didnt help. If anyone knows any other sites that would help or if you have any help, it would be appreciated.

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Simple tests.

by tbragsda In reply to Mystery Internet

1) Have you tried pinging from the non-working PC to the working PC. Or from the non-working pc to the router?
2) Try pinging from the non-working pc to the internet by name and by number.( -
3) Look at the router table at the workstation. Whats the default GW.

You can post info from a ipconfig, and a route print and we could give better info.

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by cadecartwright In reply to Simple tests.

I do not know how to ping. what's GW? Here is the info from the ipconfig /all.

Windows IP Config
Host Name - CARTER
Node Type - Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled - No
WINS Proxy Enabled - No
Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection
Connection-specific DNS Suffix -
Description - Intel 82552-based Intergrated Ethernet w/ Wake on LAN
Physical Address - 00-E0-18-98-65-58
Dhcp Enabled - Yes
IP Address -
Subnet Mask -
Default Gateway -
DHCP Server -
DNS Server -
Primary Wins Server -
Secondary Wins Server-

thanks for your help.

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by tbragsda In reply to Pinging

OK good start.
It looks OK so far, so open a dos prompt.

Test 1
1) Click Start+run
2) type CMD (or command for win 9x)
note: You should be at a c:\blah\hlah> prompt
3) type "ping" + <enter>
note: you should see replys, or time-outs.

Test 2
If you get replys;
1) type "ping" + <enter>
2) type "ping" + <enter>
note: you should see replys, or time-outs from each.

Test 3
If you get replys from test 2;
1) type "ping" + <enter>

Report results.

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by cadecartwright In reply to Mystery Internet

thanks i got it fixed, just used System Restore

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OK but.

by tbragsda In reply to

Too bad you went to that length.

It looked like a DNS problem. If it happens again, try these commands from a dos prompt.

ipconfig /release *
ipconfig /renew *


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