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mystery self loading apps

By Rick H ·
We have one machine with Win ME and the rest are 98's. Recently the ME was slowing down and I found the recourses were low (65%) right after boot up. The usual is 90%- 95%. I found some apps through "crl alt del" and adaware took care of some but not all. Later after some trial and error I got rid of them, rebooted and more were there. These are a few of the names found on the running list: ysljoqfx.exe, Jgpkzd, Ajcl & Tsso.
What are these, how can I prevent getting them, and whats the best way to remove them? We are using TCP/Ip networked through Lantastic. Our server is data storage/print server only. All software is stand alone for all eleven computers. Thanks for any advice you can give.
PS I also sent this to the security section

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by DKlippert In reply to mystery self loading apps

Besides a good anti-virus program,
try Ad-Aware from
and Pest Patrol

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by TheChas In reply to mystery self loading apps

Many 'free-ware' programs are actually add supported software.

These "free" programs install programs that either pop-up adds, or spy on the user to tailer the add content that shows up in the program.

On a network, you should be VERY cautious as to what applications you allow users to install on their systems.


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by cglrcng In reply to mystery self loading apps

Try starting w/ the above link, then decide if you want those start-up programs to start w/ Windows or not using their rec. as a guide. Best is to use either Start>Taskbar & Start Menu and remove them if found from the Start Up Folder, or you can go to; Start>Run>type msconfig>Enter then go to the Start Up Tab>uncheck those you don't want to run on start up (Some are necessary for normal Windows operation - Load Power Profile is necessary twice on the list by the way). Some are not necessary. Some will be spyware, some will be applications you have previously authorized to start w/Windows.

Once familiar w/ what is actually starting and whether they are necessary Windows start up files or not or necessary for your normally loaded applications, then you can decide on the proper course to take.

Should you need further help, send me an e-mail @ my e-mail addy along w/ a list of what is (an acurate list please), running currently (I could give you a pared down list of what is necessary to run @ start-up for both the Win98 & Win ME machines and help you decide on the others using the pacs-portal full start-up list.

I didn't find any of the 4 programs listed on the list using a quick scan however, but sometimes a full hunt is really necessary.

Good luck.

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by Rick H In reply to mystery self loading apps

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