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    MythTV vs XP Media Center


    by naughtymonkey ·

    I have what I need. I just received all of my hardware for building my new media center. I have tested previously with MythTV and XP Media Center. I will not use Vista Ultimate due to it prompting me for a license when trying to view my daughters piano recital. I don’t want to run into that again on my media center.

    Alas, I am at a stand still deciding which to use. Do I use MythTV with all of its glorious flexibility. The only problem I had was with my remote. I did finally get it working and have documented the steps so it should be easy to repeat. The response is lacking though, but I found a patch for it, not sure how different it will be. Has anyone used a MCE 2005 remote on Myth. mceusb2 is the module.

    The setup for XP Media Center was painless, but I feel there are too many restrictions on DVDs. I did not get to test it much, so I am trying to gather others opinions. If you have used both, which do you like better and why? If you have only used one, tell me why you like it and what you don’t like.

    Please, no flaming of Linux or MS and please don’t make up fictitious reasons to like the other if you have not used it. Opinions should be based on fact, not what your brothers sisters friend heard on a forum from a guy on another planet 6 years ago.

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      Other than one single piece of Russian software…

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to MythTV vs XP Media Center

      That came with my equally Russian tuner card, all the other TV package software crashes when it encounters my Ruskie hybrid tuner card.

      Dunno why these packages do this – they just don’t like a card that can receive both Analogue and Digital signals.

      Then when I crawl back, with my technological tail between my old legs, I find each of these so-called all-in-one packages has reset the triggers for my Russian card, so I keep having to re-install. I’m so p!ssed off now I have the ISO sitting ready, waiting for the next inevitable self-induced reinstall.

      The thing is, the Russian proggy is fine, just a bit rough round the edges visually, but at least it works.

      Better a rough-looking Trabant that runs slowly than a jaw-droppingly-gorgeous Ferrari that needs special tyres.

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