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    N1000c power cycles when USB device is connected


    by edward.swifte ·

    PC SPecs.
    Compaq N1000c with 512 Meg Ram.
    All other features as standard.
    OS: XP SP2 + all OS updates.

    When i connect any of 4 different brand/size USB keys the laptop power cycles without warning.

    These keys work fine on other laptops and PC’s.

    Have completely re-installed OS from scratch, to no avail (didn’t think to test before applying MS Updates).

    Any Suggestions (other than get a newer laptop)?


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      by edward.swifte ·

      In reply to N1000c power cycles when USB device is connected


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      The Most Likely thing happening here is

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to N1000c power cycles when USB device is connected

      That the devices are drawing too much power from the NB and causing it to reboot t random intervals.

      USB Devices and NB are notorious in not working well together as by the very nature of the NB it’s there with a limited amount of available power even when it’s plugged into the Mains Adaptor and the USB Devices can be Power Hungry and overload the USB ports and cause the problem. The best solution here is to get a PCMCIA USB Card with an external Power Supply and use that for these devices that should cure your problem.


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        similar problem on n1000c

        by lrdcemb ·

        In reply to The Most Likely thing happening here is

        I have a similar problem on an n1000c. I have a powered usb hub I’m using with this system, and had it happen to me with no usb devices plugged in. I’ll get random rebooting with the system in an idle state. I’ve changed the memory twice, and verified it was good memory on another system, removed all usb devices. It’s not software related, as windows never gives a stop code, or even sees the crash, it appears that the system just turns itself off, and then reboots.
        It never seems to happen while I’m working on it, or has any sort of activity, only while idle. Also when I boot it up, it might do it early, like within an hour of the boot, then it’ll be stable for a day or two, then it’ll happen again. Very strange.

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