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    Nagios on Solaris 8


    by dvbno1 ·


    Can anybody tell me where i can get precompiled negios package for Solaris 8


    Can any bosy tell me detailed installation and configuration steps for implementing ngios on Solaris 8

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      Reply To: Nagios on Solaris 8

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Nagios on Solaris 8

      which version of nagios?
      latest is 2.0b1

      since I can’t find any packages only the sources on

      basic installation is the usual open source method:

      unpack into any subdirectory of your home directory. ( NOT ROOT ACCOUNT )
      cd into it.
      ./configure –help
      that will list all options nagios recognises for configuring the software during compile. pick the options you want to use.
      then type:
      ./configure [options]
      su to root account
      make install

      note: it is ./configure, not /configure or configure. the leading period is important.
      once it is installed you have to edit your initscripts to add it to the runlevels you want it to be running in.

      editing these scripts must be done as root.

      basic configure and make don’t need root access.
      make install does.

      read the man pages for nagios after the make install, that will tell you what you need to do to get the app conficuration settings for running it.

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