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    Nahimic Companion

    by itsdigger ·


    Nahimic Companion suddenly appeared in my Win 10 toolbar.
    I have looked and some say it was installed with the latest Windows update.

    Some say it’s a sound driver for my MSI motherboard. It does show up in the Device Manager as a sound driver.
    It’s kind of creepy the way this showed up though.

    Should I uninstall this?

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      That would be correct it is a driver

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Nahimic Companion

      And Windows would have downloaded it with the latest Patches because that is how Win 10 works it picks up drivers for the OS so they do not have to be installed separately.

      Not sure what the issue is as that is the way that Win 10 works.

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      As noted by you.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Nahimic Companion

      It was in a WU. repeats most of all that can be written.

      While this can upset some, your choice to remove but hey, it’s a driver.

      In that discussion is a note how to disable Windows Driver Updates. Which is your choice as well.

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      by bob.b ·

      In reply to Nahimic Companion

      You are allowing winupd to install device drivers.

      I block that and get drivers the manual way from the maker.
      That way I can keep track of it and don’t get surprises.

      As to should you uninstall it.
      Looks like it comes with a control panel so play with the thing and see if it has value.

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        I thought I did that

        by itsdigger ·

        In reply to Guess

        In the Win update settings but I had to go deeper and disable it individually by following the instructions AzogBiceps noted here > .
        I don’t want to mess with this thing. I have been running just fine without these addons. Thanks guy’s

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          Just remember you have to reset this after every Patch

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to I thought I did that

          Well at least that is the way it used to be not looked at 10 recently but every time a new patch came through you had to reset what you blocked.

          Most people just gave up and went with what Windows Delivered because it’s a pain needing to remember every month to go in and turn it off.

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          Am I missing something?

          by itsdigger ·

          In reply to Just remember you have to reset this after every Patch

          Here’s the settings in Advanced Options that I believed did not allow these downloads.
          I can’t find any other settings to stop this sort of thing

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          Blank Page at the moment at least

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Am I missing something?

          But the real problem here is that 10 used to reset these each time that it applied a Security Patch to Defaults. So every month you had to go back and reset them.

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          by bob.b ·

          In reply to Am I missing something?

          Advanced options.
          I have that set that way also.
          No idea if that functions or not so I added this with gpe.

          Belt + suspenders.

          So far I have not seen any drivers come through.

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          Thanks Bob

          by itsdigger ·

          In reply to Drivers

          I set mine up like that . I believe we’re losing any control of our computers with Windows these days but, for me it’s still the best game in town.

          After making the adjustments you linked, I uninstalled Nahemic and rebooted and blam, it was right back. At least I didn’t install the program, just the driver returned….

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          by bob.b ·

          In reply to Thanks Bob

          I don’t have the product to play with but it may require some fuss-in to get it totally out.

          I see some hits on the web on how to uninstall it and you need to bounce around different areas.

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      Don’t need to worry

      by alexhunter27 ·

      In reply to Nahimic Companion

      I was just like you before, I feel confused when it suddenly appeared after Windows update. But when I did some research from internet. I realized it just an app that work alongside Nahimic. The app which was pre-install on my PC long time ago
      If you dont wanna be bothered by the nahimic companion, just untick in nahimic companion window.
      But for me i still keep using the companion, with that app we can keep tracking the update about audio driver as well as the Nahimic version

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