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Name a favorite Web Browser

By jfuller05 ·
Mine particularly is Opera because of the Speed Dial, thumbnail tabs, easy on resources, and plus it's really secure. Of course I'm not saying that other browsers are not good; I'm also a fan of Firefox. What are yours?

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by Unkn0wn F0rces In reply to Name a favorite Web Brows ...

are Firefox and Chrome

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by jfuller05 In reply to Mine

Google does have a good browser. I have a friend that uses it.

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by jck In reply to Name a favorite Web Brows ...

FF3 just seems way slower.

IE is STUPID slow.

Opera never used it.

Chrome was okay. Was a lot of hype for what I got.

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My Browser

by snipe44 In reply to Firefox

I like and use Firefox 3.5.7 / Chrome and Flock. I wish Netscape was still around!

I saw someone post IE...! I didn't know that was still available. I guess I've been using others since Windows 98SE!

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Gotta go with Orca still

by Slayer_ In reply to Name a favorite Web Brows ...

Got the firefox strengths with non of the firefox weaknesses (like 30 second load times!).

I used Opera before, but immediately removed it when I noticed it was downloading ActiveX programs automatically without my consent.

On Linux systems, I use Opera because I really really really hate the firefox interface. It's so crippled you can't even put the tabs on the bottom of the screen.

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by jfuller05 In reply to Gotta go with Orca still

Thanks for mentioning Orca, I'll have to check it out. I like trying an innovative browser.

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How come Linux Firefox....

by Slayer_ In reply to Orca?

When I download a file, it just automatically chooses "somewhere" to download and save to. In windows you get a choice. This eternally irritates me because I always download files to my desktop.

"It's in your home folder"
Well what if I don't want it in my home folder, what if it's a 4 gig file and I only have 1 gig of Space on my home folder and want to download to a network drive, what then eh? Hack through about.config and fix Firefox?

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RE: How come Linux Firefox....

by nelsonhoover In reply to How come Linux Firefox... ...

Try going to the Tools/Options (or Edit/Preferences on Linux) menu and selecting Main. In the Downloads section, simply set the default folder to download to or set it to ask where to save every time.

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