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Name change and effects on Exchange

By elbmag ·
At our company we using a naming convention of first initial of a first name and last name as the user's alias (ex: jsmith).

I have an employee who just got married and her last name has changed. I need to change her alias for logging into our domain as well as the way her name displays in our global address book. I also need to change her email address to the new name.

What is the most efficient way to accomplish this? I also want to make sure that all her existing contacts, mail, andcalendar settings remain. I remember reading before that this is not a simple matter and that changing the last name in user manager for domains can have major ramifications in Exchange, etc.

For reference the client is running Win98, Outlook 2000. The server is NT 4.0 and Exchange 5.5.

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Name change and effects on Exchange

by HighOrbit In reply to Name change and effects o ...

We have exactly the same naming scheme and I have never encountered a problem with changing names.

The last instance we had was when someone was married.

I changed the account in User Manager (which changes the primary account on the mail server).

Then on the mail server you have to alter a fair bit, but it won't delete any of the mailbox settings. Then change the alias and names, alter the SMTP address (or add a second and set it as reply as I do) if it hasn't already updated. And manually change the X400 address.

The only problem that can occur is that people who try and send to that address X400 addresses (from inside the Exchange organization) will not send correctly unless you also add an extra X400 address.

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Name change and effects on Exchange

by elbmag In reply to Name change and effects o ...

Thanks for the response HighOrbit. Made all the modifications you recommended to the user's account and everything seems to be working fine.

Had never encountered that situation before and just wanted to make sure I knew what problems I may encounter.

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Name change and effects on Exchange

by elbmag In reply to Name change and effects o ...

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