Name server giving incorrect IP

By adrian.nelson ·
I am suffering from a strange problem with one of our nameservers and I am not too sure where the problem lies but here is the situation.

We run 2 Linux BIND nameservers for our domains.
We recently moved offices and setup our nameservers with a new IP's

Our primary nameserver is responding fine to dns requests internally and externally.

However, it seems that there is some kind of cached setting somewhere for our secondary nameserver. The internet keeps randomly sending dns requests to the secondary nameservers old IP address. I say randomly because through testing external sources sometimes the internet see's the right IP but more often it see's the old wrong IP.
Example would be using a connection to an different ISP to perform a dns lookup for our secondary DNS would give the right IP, a few hours later using the same ISP to perform a DNS lookup and it would give the wrong IP.

We host the zonefile for the address of nameservers and the zonefile is set with the correct IP's.

I am a little lost as to why this would be.

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