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    Names not showing in My Network Places


    by oj05 ·

    We are having trouble with the names not showing up in My Network Places in the our Domain. Has anyone seen this problem before and is there any help online that I could research to fix this problem?

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      Names not showing in My Network Places

      by curlergirl ·

      In reply to Names not showing in My Network Places

      Your question is very broad – there are a lot of possible causes. Here are a few:

      1) Someone has put in place a group policy that prevents the display of the list of computers in Network Places;

      2) The computers that do not appear do not have file and printer sharing turned on;

      3) Computers that appear and then disappear frequently are either (a) being turned off by the user frequently, or (b) losing their network connections intermittently, which could be a cabling, hub/switch, TCP/IP protocol or NIC problem;

      4) You are having some sort of domain-wide browsing problems.

      Without narrowing down the possibilities a little bit by gathering further info on the specifics – OS version and service pack level, any error messages that show upon either servers or workstations, whether the problem is intermittent or constant or domain-wide or only happens to specific workstations or servers, whether you can identify any time of day or level of activity that might be affectingthings – it’s hard to even point you in a direction. You could try going to and looking up any specific symptoms or behavior you can identify and see if that helps.

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      Names not showing in My Network Places

      by ewgny ·

      In reply to Names not showing in My Network Places

      Another possibility is that the “missing” PC’s have NetBIOS over TCP/IP disabled
      Check the Wins Tab under the Advanced TCP/IP Settings in your Local Area Connection Properties

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