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Names of Divisions and Departments specifically dealing with servers

By nielson.aleric ·
We've had an identity crisis for years now. Our department at work has hailed under the PC Services moniker for far too long now. We don't deal with desktops directly, other than cleaning up the occasional mistakes made during or after the imaging to the PC and setting up the Domain policies and login scripts. User administration always spills over a bit onto the desktop.

The best idea management has come up with is a different group email account of PC.Tech, varying slightly from the other department PC.Support. Niether a great nomenclature for what our responibilites are.

Our main focus is server based systems, Tivoli backups, web machines, SQL machines, SAP administration, DB2, symantec virus protection, file servers, domain controllers. Basic upkeep of the entire domain. Any project that needs a server, we supply the creation and project leadership, recommendations, purchase of equipment, maintenance and administration of that system. But people still call us and ask us to fix their monitor, give them a new system, and unlock their password(even on sites we don't host).

We'd like to change our name to distance ourselves and our responsibilties to make it easier for the end users to know who to contact in the very likely event that something will go wrong. Other than the infamous IT department name, what are others using for a department like ours?

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Comuter Operations

by stress junkie In reply to Names of Divisions and De ...

If you want something more specific to servers than Computer Operations then how about Server Systems Operations?

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Reply to Comuter Operations

by nielson.aleric In reply to Comuter Operations

Thank you. I'll add it to our list.

Server Systems Operations
Server Information Services
Server Information Systems
Server Application Support
Server Infrastructure Systems (SIS)
Server Operating Systems (SOS)
Open System Management
Distributed Systems
Systems Management
Management Information Systems - MIS
Information Technology -IT
Technology Administration
Development Project Management
Information Retrieval
Systems Analysis
Department of Informatics
Innovative Systems/Network
Server Engineering
Configuration Management
Critical Systems Review
Data Management
Interface Control
System/Subsystem Specification
Parallel Computing Centre
Integrated System Services
Computational Design and Production
Institutional Advancement
Professional Development
eBusiness Administration

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Quite a list

by dafe2 In reply to Reply to Comuter Operatio ...

Ours is: IT - Operations

We also have:

IT - Security
IT - Procurement
IT - Service Desk
IT - Change Management
IT - Projects
IT - Change Management

Incidently, a lot of people still think a server is in the restaurant

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