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Naming Computer User Syndromes

By michael ·
Has the American Psychological Association (APA) formally categorized any computer-user syndromes? If they haven't, they very well should. In the course of my years of working as an IT Manager and as a consultant, I have come across different user behaviors which really should have a formal name. This way, for example, instead of 2 IT workers speaking about a colleague like this: " I hate going to work on John's computer, he's such an annoying <expletive removed>", they would say: "Poor John, he suffers from ABC Digital Disorder, we really should be helping him out more".

So here are some common user behaviors that I have observed, and that deserved to be officially named by the APA:

1. Users whose computer has a minor issue and complains to everybody that his computer is broken, when what he really wants in an excuse to get a new computer. For example, one of my users got a file by email that he couldn't open. By the time I got there and fixed the broken file association, he had broadcasted to everybody that he received a file that his computer can't handle, his computer is therefore broken & he can't do any of his work. A week later his monitor stand somehow broke, and once again everybody is informed that his computer is "broken" and he can't work etc. (He finally got a new computer, which is all that he wanted in the first place).

2. Users who think that if the first print job didn't come out of the printer, then sending it 10 more times will force it to come out.

3. Users who think that if the 8 MB file they emailed hasn't arrived in 5 minutes, then they must send it again. And again.

4. Users who feel obligated to send those feel-good, poetry-filled, flowery Powerpoint presentations about the meaning of life to all their friends and co-workers.

5. Users who believe the gloom-and-doom emails about a destructive virus that will destroy humanity, and then forward the email to all their friends and co-workers. (But they don't have a clue if their anti-virus program is updated).

There are many more, of course, but I'll stop here. Can anybody suggest names for these syndromes, if the APA hasn't yet assigned names to them? What other syndromes do you know of?

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