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Naming Resource Rooms in Exchange

By jberglund ·
I was wondering what naming schemes other organizations are using for naming their resource rooms in Exchange? We have been using "Conference Room 1" and "Conference Room 2", but now with the addition of regional offices I need to find a new naming scheme (something which distinguishes Los Angeles from Chicago from San Antonio).

I would love to get your feedback, and thanks for sharing!

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LaLa Land CR 1, Gangsta CR2, LongHorn CR1

by robo_dev In reply to Naming Resource Rooms in ...


Do you have site abbreviations defined for your locations?

It's helpful to have them all start with CR, so they appear in the name and address book all together

CR TX Room 20001
CR CA Room 14001
CR IL Room 1

It's real helpful to assign a 'site name' to a location, then any network equipment can be instantly identified.

For example, at one company the HQ was named 'Wildwood', so any network devices as well as conference rooms began with WLD.

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by jberglund In reply to LaLa Land CR 1, Gangsta ...

That's helpful. I like the idea of grouping them together with the same first word. CR doesn't work for us because we also have training rooms. I think I'm going to go with something like...

Room HQ CR1
Room HQ CR2
Room HQ TR
Room MW CR
Room MW TR
Room SW CR
Room SW TR

Where HQ/MW/SW refers to the region (or headquarters).

Thanks again!

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by Wireeater In reply to Naming Resource Rooms in ...

All of ours are names of previous Presidents.

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