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nanotechnology is a one of the promising technologies believed to have many benefits to the enviroment,what do you think are some of these applications and is it true that these applications have their side effects on the society

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by fabomelha In reply to nanotechnology
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by sheirfa.dini In reply to nanotechnology

thanx for the links i have checked them, they were useful

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Nanotech to destroy the environment

by Dr Dij In reply to nanotech

And I'm not talking about gray-goo theory. This is just pie in the sky hype.

I'm talking about creating nano-particles. Almost any compound when the right size can have dangerous unhealthy effects when released into the environment.

Smaller particles get into living systems much faster.

I've seen products on store shelves with nano-sized particles in a zinc sunscreen that becomes colorless rather than white.

And even products not intended for human consumption or skin use can be breathing hazards when nano-sized. Spicules are micro sized cactus spines that can get into your lungs when wind blowing in the desert. They are simply carbonaceous compounds in the spines of a prickly pear cactus, which grow to keep predators from eating it.

If we get lots of silicon spicules, such as from fiberglass insulation being inhaled, or nano-particles they become like asbestos. The same thing happens to coal miners, they get black lung and die from the tiny nano particles in mines.

so manufacturing this for broad applications can be dangerious

putting them in computers shouldn't be major problems tho.

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