NAS as a Backup Repository

By zfreeman ·
I am using Solarwinds MSP Backup for online and local backups for a couple of small clients. They are backing up less than 2 TB each. One client has no local backup (LocalSpeedVault) and the other already had a 4 TB external hard drive. I am trying to decide on keeping the external hard drive or moving to a NAS, like Synology, with RAID 10. The main concern about the NAS is that I will not be using all its features, only as a repository to store the backup files created by Solarwinds MSP Backup. Each client has one physical Windows server, a Hyper-V host with a couple of guests--domain controller, WSUS, application server.
Does anyone have any suggestions on using a NAS or DAS as a backup repository only, using third party software to perform the backups?

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NAS vs DAS for backups

by kudzaishekache97 In reply to NAS as a Backup Repositor ...

Direct-attached storage is a fairly basic, low-maintenance, low-cost solution where the storage system is a part of the actual host computer or connected directly to the host computer. This could be as simple as an external hard drive and it’s the opposite of network storage, where workstations and servers connect through a network.

Network-attached storage offers dedicated file serving and sharing through a network. It increases performance and reliability with features like RAID and swappable drives designed for higher multi-drive workloads. NAS storage is also a good solution for consolidating storage systems from DAS – plus, having one centralized, shared storage system will save money in the long run, eliminate confusion and increase reliability in case of system failure or an outage.

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Re: NAS vs DAS for backups

by zfreeman In reply to NAS vs DAS for backups

I understand the difference between DAS and NAS. One thing that concerns me is having a NAS but not using its features. A NAS, such as Synology, has its own backup software. It doesn't need to use third party software, such as Solarwinds MSP Backup, as I am using. Since I will not be using the backup technology of the NAS, only to store the backup files created by the software I am using, I was wondering how others have addressed this. DAS with the appropriate capacity would certainly handle the backups, but others might have using different approaches in utilizing a NAS or creating a DAS with RAID 10.

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Data Room

by DataRoomco In reply to NAS as a Backup Repositor ...

Data room is also the best option. Data-room is an independent reviewable platform dedicated to virtual data rooms. Our mission is to provide the freshest look and advice in the virtual data room space.

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