NAS device using USB and Ethernet - formatted with NTFS

By j.gregory ·
I'm trying to come up with a 'low end' solution for network storage.

I'd like to purchase a NAS device that has USB and an ethernet port. Plug them both in. Use the host PC to format the drive to NTFS in order to use permissions on the drive.

The main use of this drive would be through the network port. The USB function would only be to establish NTFS permissions.

If this works, would the NAS device be totally functional if the USB was unplugged? I have read bits of info about NTFS being read only on a network share. I'm not sure if I understood that correctly.

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Ya, you read it right....here's why

by toorealguy In reply to NAS device using USB and ...

OK, first...let's explain that the USB is not a networking port between the NAS and the PC....so don't "plug them both in"

Instead, hang the NAS off a "low-end" router via the e-net port. Hang the PC off it too...
then add any existing USB storage to the NAS by connecting them to the USB on the NAS, not the PC from then on.

Now, here's what else you need to know: the NAS is a Linux box, so don't be expecting NTFS permissions on anything controlled by the NAS (internal, or USB.)

So, first: with the PC and USB drives conencted (locally, not through the network) back up you external USB drive's data somewhere. Next use Norton Partition Magic to convert the NTFS USB drive partition to a FAT32 without re-formatting! Then do the above hanging of the NAS off a ruoter, and add the USB. Lastly, restore your data back on the NAS's USB device.

Most NAS will have an admin tool to manage permissions, setup an external FTP and/or web server, media server, etc.

The whole thing should cost less than $300.-- (NAS, USB drive, software, maybe even a router and cables) if you catch the right sales.

Mine is a DLink-G600 wireless NAS with one internal and two external USB drives. So, in my case the whole thing is wireless (bonus.)

Hope this helps.

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