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NAS hardware.

By TobeJ ·
Looking at purchasing some NAS hardware, I am looking at the Dell Power Vault 725.. I G of HD space, 3 G of mem.... I do not have a lot of expierence with NAS storage... Does every NAS device come with a O/S and ability for each client to connect and backup data out of the box?



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by Bobsta In reply to NAS hardware.

Basically that what NAS was designed for, to take away the hassles of administration. So yes my understanding of NAS is it comes with it's own built in O/S and attaching Clients is oof the utmost ease. Which should be specified with your NAS documentation.

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by ChrisDent In reply to NAS hardware.

That one specifically runs on a linux type OS with a web interface for configuration and maintenance. It's dead easy to use though, we have one here.

The only problem we've had with this NAS unit is it doesn't work too well with a hub based network, but that was in addition to fairly heavy network traffic anyway.

It's worth remembering that these aren't especially fast for lots of users, but the importance of its performance depends on what you're running from the system.

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by ChrisDent In reply to

We backup approximately 600 Gb, although the backup job is Incremantal during the week with only a full backup at the weekends.

Our NAS is plugged into a 3Com 4400 Switch (10/100) which is attached to a copper Gigabit backbone.

All clients plug into a mixture of 3Com 3300 and 4400 Switches. There are a few small desktop switches around the office but no hubs anymore since they get very easily overloaded in our environment.

Prior to that a 3Com workgroup hub was being used, however due to traffic overload it was forcing a reboot on its neighbouring switch.

Hope that helps,

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by TobeJ In reply to

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by TobeJ In reply to NAS hardware.

Hey CDent,

Tx for info.

The new Power Vault now has MS O/S, how much data do you backup per night? Do you have the NAS and servers on a Gbit switch, clients on hubs?

Tx for info

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by TobeJ In reply to NAS hardware.

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