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NAS or tape back up?

By gayagaya ·
my company is going to back-up a server that is raid 5 with 3 x 36 GB hard drives. we are now deciding whether to go with a tape back up or a network attached storage. what is going against NAS is that we can't bring it outside the office. however, would it be possible for us to put a network storage outside of our location and back-up our data using a ssl connection through a t1 line? if so, how long do you think it would take for us to back-up the whole server?

i would really appreciate an answer. thanks.

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by Rasman In reply to NAS or tape back up?

Yes you can lease online backup space. Look for a provider in your local area. You should still use tape with an offsite full copy.

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by plexer In reply to NAS or tape back up?

Are you seriously saying that your company has a server on which it relies that up to this point has had no backup?

Sure RAID is always a good idea but RAID cannot protect you from corrupted files the only way to recover from corrupted files is to have a set of backups which you can pull good files from.

You need RAID and a good backup solution. NAS may seem like a good idea but at the end of the day the NAS device still has hard drives in that may fail.

Tape is going to stick around for a long long time.

Of course you can religiously backup to tape everynight but if you don't do test restores and DR scenario try outs then you may as well not bother if you can't be sure your backups are good.

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by mholser In reply to NAS or tape back up?

Yes, it is possible to backup the server using a NAS solution across a network via a T-1 line. Assuming perfect conditions it would take at least six and a half hours to backup a 36 gig raid array. Conditions are never perfect!
One reason for backups is for disaster recovery from a catastrophic event. This implies an off-site backup solution. The cheapest solution in this situation is to use a tape backup and store the tape off-site. As stated above, test the tape regularly to ensure the data is being backed up properly.

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