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    NAS with NT4.0


    by st0neganesa ·

    Ok, so I have a dilema as to how this is going to work. I have several computers both NT4 and win2k. I need to implement a backup solution other than the old tapes and the RAID system. Unfortunately USB is not supported by NT, i was going to put in a Network Attached Storage however have doubts as to how supported it will be. Will NT be able to recognize the device on the network, and will it be able to basically mirror my local HD (via xcopy or a util?) or would it be better to use a program such as veritas that makes an image? Looking at Dlink DNS-120 or a regular NAS device.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      As this is a “Network” device there shouldn’t be any problems at all with the ability to contact and save data to.

      This is a perfect example where the OS is unimportant as everything is relying on Networking Protocols not MS OS’s.


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      by st0neganesa ·

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      even if the NAS is fat32? Most of the NAS enclosures or devices ive found only support fat32, which isnt supported by NT- or buggy minimal read only.

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