Nasty root-kit removal. BASESNX32.DLL

By computech911 ·
After cleaning up the remains of a smitfraud infection on a desktop computer, I installed AVG 8.0 free. After scanning the windows folder it said it needed to restart to finish removal of detected threats. However, the file it was about to remove on restart was not listed in the list of detected threats. That file was basesnx32.dll

On restart I got a STOP: c0000135 (critical system file missing) the file it referenced was basesnx32.dll This stop error of course would persist through safemode options and last known good config.

I fired up ERD 2005 with hopes of finding the referenced system driver. I couldn't find anything. Even a complete search of the registry found nothing related to basesnx32.dll

Even on a windows repair I would still get this blue screen of death.

So I fired up ERD 2005 once again, used system restore to RESTORE the basesnx32.dll hence forth restoring this root-kit as well, I then did the windows repair again.

The full path for this file C:\Windows\System32\basesnx32.dll

My question is how can I remove this root-kit without rebuilding my primary partition and re-installing windows?

Where could the system dependency reference of this file possibly be located?

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Correct me if I'm wrong - but ....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Nasty root-kit removal. B ...

I wasn't aware that AVG8 had incorporated Anti-Rootkit into its new-fangled suite of security.

It has adopted Anti-Spyware within its realm but I can't find any mention of Anti-Rootkit.

According to the AVG Site:
Important notice
As AVG Anti-Spyware and AVG Anti-Rootkit are now only included in commercial versions of AVG 8.0. Updates will soon be discontinued.
If you are still interested in Anti-Spyware and Anti-Rootkit protection, we recommend you to download AVG Internet Security.

I suggest you try the already existing AVG Anti-Rootkit standalone product - if you still have it.


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The comercial pakage does

by jdclyde In reply to Correct me if I'm wrong - ...

All-in-one protection
Anti-Virus: protection against viruses, worms and trojans
Anti-Spyware: protection against spyware, adware and identity-theft
Anti-Rootkit: protection against hidden threats (rootkits)
Anti-Spam: filters out unwanted and fraudulent e-mails (anti-phishing)
Web Shield & LinkScanner: protection against malicious websites
Firewall: protection against hackers
System Tools: for easy system management

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